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Server Maintenance

It looks like we’re back up on our new server.

We lost a little content in the period between when the hosting company grabbed the backup and now, so if there’s a post or comment missing, that’s why.  We’ll attemp to re-create what we can.

Also, if you signed up for an account or changed your password in the last 2-3 days, that’s probably lost as well, so you may need to re-sign-up or reset your password  again.

Where in the World – 13 Oct 14

Let’s try another one…


Congrats to Paulie Walnuts!

This is the former Theresienstadt concentration camp, is what is now Terezin, Czech Republic.  The Theresienstadt concentration camp was famously used as a show-camp by the Germans, and as the subject of a Nazi propaganda film.

Where in the World – 25 Sep 14

Since Owen got the ball rolling on these again…  Let’s up the difficultly a little.


Congrats to Burlington Guy! This is Mers al Kebir, Algeria, where the British Royal Navy bombarded the French fleet on 3 July 1940 in an attempt to stop the French fleet from falling into German hands.

I Think I’m in Love

One of the new concession items at the renovated Kyle Field – the chicken-fried hot dog. With gravy on top!

Fake Cellphone Towers

Now this is just creepy…

Seventeen fake cellphone towers were discovered across the U.S. last week, according to a report in Popular Science.

Rather than offering you cellphone service, the towers appear to be connecting to nearby phones, bypassing their encryption, and either tapping calls or reading texts.

The towers were found in July, but the report implied that there may have been more out there.

Although it is unclear who owns the towers, ESD found that several of them were located near U.S. military bases.

…ComputerWorld points out that the fake towers give themselves away by crushing down the performance of your phone from 4G to 2G while the intercept is taking place. So if you see your phone operating on a slow download signal while you’re near a military base … maybe make that call from somewhere else.

The Fappening

So a hacker managed to get nude photos of a bunch of celebrities (not gonna link ’em here, you pervs!).

Yet another reminder — if you don’t want nude photos of yourself on the Internet, don’t take nude photos of yourself.  Simple.

Today in History – 1 September 1939

75 years ago today, Germany launched Fall Weiß (Plan White), the invasion of Poland, beginning the European phase of WWII.

On 17 September, the Russians would enter Poland from the East.  The combination of the Wehrmacht in the west and the Red Army in the east was too much for the Polish forces to counter, and by 6 October, the September Campaign was over, and Poland had fallen.

invasion_poland_1 invasion_poland_2 invasion_poland_3



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