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How Media Manipulates to Create False Outrage Narrative

Yup. It’s not as cool of a story to say, “Gillette’s vapid virtue signaling causes minor annoyance.

Outrage? Uproar? Backlash? I’d say it’s more like a hacklash. It’s journalists dealing out pretend outrage.

Lazy media reporters who are too lazy to even actually speak to people anymore are instead constructing Potemkin Villages of fake hate, fake disgust and fake outrage. They’re Contemptkin Villages. No one really lives there. The laziest hacks can build them using tweets, even tweets from anonymous Twitter accounts. Somehow these hacks are employed at places like the BBC and the Times.

The instantly infamous Gillette ad calling out “toxic masculinity” that painted males as bullies and sexual harassers certainly spurred a lot of conversation. But were dudes outraged or did they just think the ad was misguided and wrong? Men aren’t going James-McAvoy-in-“Glass” Beastmode on Gillette. They’re just saying, “I’d rather not be lectured about what a bully and a creep I am, especially by my toiletries.” The New York Times quoted an obscure Irish deejay calling the ad “condescending” on Twitter as an example of “outrage,” alongside the British chat-show host Piers Morgan saying the ad was “pathetic.” “You’re pathetic” is an expression of outrage?

The BBC claimed breathlessly, “There have been calls for Gillette to post an apology video.” There have? Click through on the source for this tidbit, and it turns out to be a Twitter user with 18 followers who also demanded that everyone at Gillette be forced to read a men’s-rights book. Sure. Later in the piece the BBC cites another supposedly angry party to the controversy. That turned out to be an anonymous Twitter user with six followers.

(Most observers readily grasped that Gillette is desperately using cynical marketing ploys to make us remember they exist. “Gillette, Bleeding Market Share, Cuts Price of Razors” ran a Wall Street Journal headline in 2017.)

“Whip up a little outrage” is an old tabloid directive — the city editor of The Post used to scream it at me across the newsroom circa 1994 — but it did depend on finding someone who matters, or at least someone who represents a lot of people who really are angry. Shameless online editors today figure that readers will click through to anything that is supposedly making anyone mad. And if the underlying story doesn’t actually contain any evidence that anyone has blown his lid, too late! Made ya click.

Racial Integration by State

As someone who came of age in Texas and moved to Wisconsin as an adult, this is something that stuck out to me right away. For all of the moral preening about racial tolerance and diversity by yankees, Southerners are far better at actually being tolerant and diverse in their daily lives (yes, that’s a generalization).

States with the Most Racial Integration

1. New Mexico

2. West Virginia

3. Hawaii

4. Kentucky

5. Texas

States with the Least Racial Integration

45. Illinois

46. Michigan

47. Minnesota

48. Iowa

49. Maine

50. Wisconsin

Moose Envy


For three decades, the Canadian city of Moose Jaw took pride in its status as the home of the world’s largest moose statue.

Standing at a majestic 10 meters tall, Mac the Moose has weathered brutal winters, graffiti and even the inglorious loss of his jaw. His recognition was so great that in 2013, he was named the city’s most popular celebrity.

But status and renown can be fleeting.

In 2015, Norway responded with its own moose sculpture – Storelgen, or “Big Elk” – a glitzy stainless steel bull, erected with the explicit aim of surpassing Mac’s height and stealing his place in the record books.

Now, however, the Canadians are fighting back, after a pair of comedians called Norway’s statue “an egregious offence” and pleaded with Moose Jaw residents to restore the city’s stolen glory.

“You are a city famous around the world for the glorious name of Moose Jaw,” Justin Reves told residents in a video posted to Facebook. “And everyone that comes by, knows that this should be the world’s tallest moose.”

Standing in front of a forlorn Mac, Reves and colleague Greg Moore implored the residents to act quickly by adding 31cm to Mac, to “stick it to Oslo”.

Dueling Women’s Marches in NYC

These kerfuffles on the Left are hilarious.

NEW YORK (AP) — Conflicts over control, inclusivity and alleged anti-Semitism will mean that women protesting on the second anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington are faced with competing demonstrations this weekend in New York City.

One procession, around the edge of Central Park and down Sixth Avenue, is being organized by the Women’s March Alliance, a nonprofit group whose leaders are putting on their version of the demonstration for the third straight year.

Another event, a downtown rally held at roughly the same time Saturday, is being organized by the New York City chapter of Women’s March Inc., the group formed to help organize the 2017 demonstration in Washington, D.C., the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Talks between organizers aimed at linking the groups in New York City didn’t go anywhere, the reasons varying between overstepping and indifference depending on who’s asked. And hanging overhead that has been a controversy playing out nationwide, of concerns related to race and religion.


The Women’s March Inc. leaders have “apologized for the harm that they have caused and we are taking those apologies and the actions they have taken to include Jews … seriously,” she said.

The Planetary Health Diet

Eh, no thanks.

If you eat meat every day then this is the first biggie. For red meat you’re looking at a burger a week or a large steak a month and that’s your lot.

You can still have a couple of portions of fish and the same of chicken a week, but plants are where the rest of your protein will need to come from.

The researchers are recommending nuts and a good helping of legumes (that’s beans, chickpeas and lentils) every day instead.

There’s also a major push on all fruit and veg, which should be make up half of every plate of food we eat.

Although there’s a cull on “starchy vegetables” such as the humble potato or cassava which is widely eaten in Africa.

Karen Pence to Teach at Christian School

The anti-Christian bigotry of the Left is on full display with this story.

Second Lady Karen Pence, the wife of the US vice-president, will return to teaching art at a school that requires employees to oppose LGBT lifestyles.

The school in Springfield, Virginia, bars teachers from engaging in or condoning “homosexual or lesbian sexual activity” and “transgender identity”.

Mrs Pence previously taught art at the school for more than a decade while her husband was a member of Congress.

A spokeswoman for Mrs Pence has hit back at criticism of her employer.

“Mrs Pence has returned to the school where she previously taught for 12 years,” the second lady’s spokeswoman Kara Brooks said in a statement.

“It’s absurd that her decision to teach art to children at a Christian school, and the school’s religious beliefs, are under attack.”

“I hate to break it to you… I’m black.’


Areva Martin, who describes herself as an ‘advocate, commentator, author, TV host and producer’ was speaking on David Webb’s Sirius XM radio program about experience being more important than race when it comes to landing a job role.

However the co-host of Face the Truth on CBS and CNN Legal Analyst seemingly made the mistake of assuming the presenter’s race when he claimed he had never regarded his race as a barrier when obtaining work.

Areva Martin told David Webb on his Sirius XM radio program Tuesday that he has ‘white privilege’. Martin said she was given the wrong information and apologized to Webb

‘I’ve chosen to cross different parts of the media world, done the work so that I’m qualified to be in each one. I never considered my color the issue, I considered my qualifications the issue,’ Webb said on his Patriot show.

It led Martin to respond with a statement that suggested she believed Webb was Caucasian.

‘That’s a whole, another long conversation about white privilege, the things that you have the privilege of doing, that people of color don’t have the privilege of,’ she replied.

It emerged she had the wrong idea when Webb probed further into her thinking.

‘How do I have the privilege of white privilege?’ he questioned her. To which she hit back. ‘David, by virtue of being a white male you have white privilege.’

However Martin was soon corrected when the host – whose radio show also appears on TV via Fox Nation – realized she had no idea he was African American.

‘You see, you went to white privilege; this is the falsehood in this,’ Webb hit back. ‘You went immediately with an assumption. Your people, obviously, or you didn’t look.

‘Areva, I hate to break it to you, but you should’ve been better prepped. I’m black.’


Posting images of himself alongside white men, he wrote: ‘Just two guys showing their #WhitePrivelege.’

Teen Calls Cops on Dad for Taking Away Her Phone

This dad is my favorite.

A 16-year-old girl called the police on her father after he took her phone away as punishment for having it password protected, Ohio officials say.

Bodycam footage shows the moment officers responded to the 911 call made by the teen, who told dispatchers: ‘My father took my property, which is an $800 phone that doesn’t belong to him. He didn’t buy it.’

Lt James Wilson of the South Euclid Police Department said officers recognized the situation as a teaching opportunity, telling WKYC: ‘Certainly if we were busy, it would be pushed to the back burner, but we still have an obligation to respond.’

The father, Anthony Robertson, and his daughter were both sitting outside the home when officers arrived on Saturday afternoon.

The teen, whose name has not been released because she is a minor, can be heard saying: ‘I want my phone.’

Robertson then explains: ‘I took her phone because she’s a juvenile, and I don’t want her to have it.

‘I can’t inspect it, because the phone is locked, so I took it away.’

Homelessness Swells in Liberal Cities

Correlation or causation?

Alexander Casey, a policy advisor on Zillow’s Economic Research team, explained to Yahoo Finance that “15% of the U.S. population lives in areas where a staggering 47% of the homeless population lives. And these are areas where rents are 29% higher on average than the rest of the U.S. And most of these communities are already past this 32% tipping point.”

Zillow researchers clustered different communities together based on “how they’re experiencing rising poverty rates, existing homelessness, homelessness rates, and declining affordability.” The places where people are most at risk of homelessness, according to the study, included New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Boston, “which all have crossed the 32 percent affordability threshold.”

The three U.S. cities with the most homeless people in 2018 were New York (78,676), Los Angeles (49,955), and Seattle (12,112), according to the most recent HUD data. A 2016 Wall Street Journal report highlighted that while overall homelessness in America was declining, the homeless population in these cities and others had risen rapidly since 2010.

Income Mobility

When people gripe about “the 1%,” do they even know who that is? Income mobility is far more important than income distribution.

Some 94 percent of Americans who reach “top 1 percent” income status will enjoy it for only a single year. Approximately 99 percent will lose their “top 1 percent” status within a decade.
Now consider the top 400 U.S. income-earners—a far more exclusive club than the top 1 percent. Between 1992 and 2013, 72 percent of the top 400 retained that title for no more than a year. Over 97 percent retained it for no more than a decade. advisory board member Mark Perry put it well in his recent blog post on this subject:
Whenever we hear commentary about the top or bottom income quintiles, or the top or bottom X% of Americans by income (or the Top 400 taxpayers), a common assumption is that those are static, closed, private clubs with very little dynamic turnover … But economic reality is very different—people move up and down the income quintiles and percentile groups throughout their careers and lives.

Rare Vase from 1893 World’s Fair Was Displayed in Restaurant for Decades


Of three monumental World’s Fair cloisonne pieces — two vases and a large incense burner that resembles a vase — two sit in museums. The third, the one up for auction, depicting a dragon meant to represent China, was thought to be lost, but also was on display, albeit as part of Spenger’s decor.

“It was on display at Spenger’s restaurant in Berkeley all these years,” said Torres, who worked with the Spenger family to bring the vase up for auction Feb. 17. “The three vases at the fair, sent to represent Japan, are said to be the best vases ever produced in Japan.”

The wooden bases that each of the pieces rests on are said to have taken one craftsman four years to carve, Torres said.

“The vases were approved by the emperor himself before being sent to the fair,” he added.

Torres said experts believed the vase had been lost or destroyed, but his research showed that San Francisco Chronicle owner M.H. DeYoung, brought one of the vases west for an 1894 mid-winter fair in Golden Gate Park after the Columbian Exposition.

New Horizons Flies Safely By Ultima Thule Jamming to Queen

After the Pluto encounter, Stern asked Brian May, the Queen guitarist and astrophysicist, if he would compose a track to celebrate the Ultima Thule flyby.

“I did scratch my head for a while,” said May. “The name is quite hard to conjure with. But then it came to me that this is about man’s desire to reach out into the universe and explore, and see things that have never been seen before.

The New Horizons track, May’s first solo single for two decades, included a message from Stephen Hawking and was premiered at the control centre shortly before the flyby. “It’s been very exciting. I feel like I’m on that thing,” May said. “To me, it’s about the human spirit and reaching out to discover where we are and why we are here.”

Little is known about Ultima Thule, or 2014 MU69, to use its official name. But based on preliminary observations, scientists think it may resemble a giant peanut with two large lobes fused together. The dark rock may contain frozen carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, molecular nitrogen and methane, which may be exposed by impact craters on the surface.

US Strategic Command Tweets About Readiness

Oh, fer cripes’ sake. Settle down, Nancy. We WANT our military to be combat ready. Thanks for keeping us safe, Strategic Command!

An official Twitter account run by the United States military posted and then deleted a video on Monday bragging about dropping massive bombs.

The tweet, which was posted as Americans get ready to ring in the New Year, noted that the ball was set to drop in Times Square when the clock strikes midnight late Monday.

The tweet by U.S. Strategic Command then goes on to brag: ‘If ever needed, we are #ready to drop something much, much bigger.’

An official Twitter account run by the United States military posted and then deleted a video on Monday bragging about dropping massive bombs

Users on Twitter were angry for what they said was the military’s making light of the use of such a destructive weapon during a festive time.

Tim Miller wrote: ‘If you missed it since the tweet is now deleted, US Strategic command decided to tweet about war and death on NY eve with a ww3 masturbatory fantasy video.’

Robert Boyle thought it was inappropriate for the military to be tweeting ‘jokes about starting nuclear Armageddon on New Year’s Eve.’

Another Twitter user wrote: ‘Such an irresponsible tweet. Tweeting about a nuclear bomb drop.’

White Women Need Not Apply

When social justice warriors run amok.

women’s march rally has been cancelled over concerns the turnout would be “overwhelmingly white”.

The demonstration, in the town of Eureka in northern California, was due to take place on 19 January but the event has now been called off because it lacks representation from across the community.

Organisers said the decision, which comes amid friction in the wider women’s march movement, followed a number of conversations with leading local activists and supporters of the march.

“Up to this point, the participants have been overwhelmingly white, lacking representation from several perspectives in our community,” said a statement on Facebook. “Instead of pushing forward with crucial voices absent, the organising team will take time for more outreach.”

Because white women can only have one perspective, right? This is the not-so-subtle bigotry of the Left. One’s views, perspectives, opinions, and values must be neatly defined by one’s outward characteristics like race, gender, etc. They can’t even compute that two white women might have radically different perspectives – much less that that’s perfectly okay.

Boulder Moves to Criminalize Bedrock Civil Right

This is a tyrannical attack on civil liberties by American fascists.

The American Civil Liberties Union came to the First Amendment defense of neo-Nazis in Skokie, Illinois. This is worth celebrating, especially today. Lawyers, many Jewish, fought for the rights of repugnant people, many of whom would like to see all Jews dead. Offended supporters of the ACLU left in droves. But the ACLU adhered to principle because … the end doesn’t justify the means.

Progressives have not just rejected that proud tradition, they have remade it into the ugly opposite — the end justifies all: Coercing speech with speech codes and forcing cake bakers to create statements against their core religious beliefs; social justice warfare and identity politics; the nanny state banning everything from plastic straws to tobacco products; and forcing private health insurance products at gun-point.

Progressives wield intolerance like the weapon it is. But are they kidding us or themselves when they smugly assert their tolerance? Do they believe their “Celebrate Diversity” bumper stickers, blind to the hypocrisy?

I find myself thinking about this as I am only days away from becoming a criminal in my tolerant hometown of Boulder. Boulder, which did so much to promote the civil rights of the LGBT community in decades past, when alternative lifestyles were misunderstood and feared, is now leading the charge against people like me whose lifestyle is misunderstood and feared.

I remember a time when, for public safety of course, some conservatives wanted AIDS patients to self-identify, to present themselves to the governmental authority, and be counted. There was an epidemic erupting after all, and “something had to be done.”

In Boulder, if your core beliefs include dressing as the opposite gender or following the teachings of the Koran our city government will bend over backwards to protect you from those who wish to separate you from your community. You’d never be forced to self-identify to government authorities, to submit to inspection, to be registered and made to pay fees to keep your core beliefs.

My strong belief in my Second Amendment rights is core to who I am. I know that is not understood by many today, however I am not asking to be understood. I’m asking to be left alone.

Wisconsinites Concerned About Light Poop

Um. OK. Too much beer?

A Medicare review website,, published a study mapping out the most Googled medical symptoms by state.

The study — which analyzed Google Trend data on medical symptom searches for each state for a period of time from 2017 into 2018 — found that the most searched medical symptom in Wisconsin was “light-colored poop.”

China Cracks Down on Christmas

Be thankful that we live in a nation where we are free to celebrate our faith. It is still unusual in much of the world.

China is cracking down on Christmas. Several cities, schools, and government institutions have ordered citizens not to celebrate the holiday and to instead focus on promoting traditional Chinese culture.

In the northern city of Langfang in Hebei province, city officials ordered all Christmas decorations to be cleared and forbade shops from selling Christmas-themed goods. Officials said the measure was aimed at “maintaining stability” and controlling street hawkers.

In Changsha, in central Hunan province, the education bureau last week issued a directive to schools not to celebrate “western festivals” such as Christmas, including putting up decorations, posting related messages or exchanging gifts. At least four Chinese cities and one county have issued a ban on Christmas decorations, according to Associated Press.

A teacher in Huangshan in Anhui province issued a reminder on Weibo on Christmas Eve to follow a recent notice from the propaganda department not to attend Christmas parties, post related messages on the popular messaging apps WeChat or QQ, or give teachers “peace apples”, a tradition in China. The term for Christmas Eve, pinganye, or peaceful night, is similar to that of the world “apple”.

And it’s a healthy reminder that we must protect our religious liberties.

The principal of Manchester Elementary School – located near Omaha, Nebraska – sent her staff a memo on holiday symbols that does not reflect the Elkhorn Public Schools District’s policies, according to a district statement sent to USA TODAY Friday.


The lists said winter-themed symbols such as sledding, gingerbread people and snowmen were allowed. But symbols associated with Christmas were not, as to avoid promoting a religious holiday.

The memo at times includes explanations for why certain items were disallowed:

  • Elf on the Shelf  – that’s Christmas-related
  • Candy Cane – that’s Christmas-related. Historically, the shape is a “J” for Jesus. The red is for the blood of Christ, and the white is a symbol of his resurrection. This would also include different colored candy canes
  • Red/Green items – traditional Christmas colors
  • Reindeer

The memo is signed “the (Unintentional) Grinch who stole Christmas (from Manchester).”

It explains the policies: “I come from a place that Christmas and the like are not allowed in schools … over the years in my educational career, this has evolved into the expectation for all educators.”

Final Resting Place

As many of y’all know, George H.W. Bush has a special relationship with Texas A&M University. Many moons ago, I played for the groundbreaking of his library as a member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band. He was a frequent guest on campus for many years, taught some classes, went to football games, and could even be found fishing at the pond next to his library from time to time. He was known to be a genuine Knightly Gentleman who left his mark on his adopted home.

I happened to visit Bush’s library again last year before Barbara passed. If you have the opportunity to visit his library, don’t miss it. It is not only chronicles the extraordinary life of an extraordinary man and a walk through some of the most important events in American history, but it is also a glimpse into the touching family life of a man who always knew who he was.

Here is where George and Barbara will spend eternity – right next to their beloved daughter, Robin.

RIP, Mr. President.

35% of Millennials Live With Their Parents

I would like to see a more granular breakdown. A 21-year-old living with their parents is very different than a 32-year-old.

Nationwide, 35 percent of people age 18-35 still live with their parents, but the proportion varies from one state to the next.

Nearly half (47 percent) of Millennials in New Jersey live with their parents, a higher proportion than anywhere else in the country, according to an analysis of U.S. Census data by the Detroit Free Press.

Connecticut came in second, with 42 percent of its young people still at home, followed by Rhode Island and New York (41 percent each), and Florida (40 percent).

The Puck Defense

Careful, those hockey games are violent. The university doesn’t want to promote that.

They’re hoping it will never happen, but if a shooter shows up on their campus, students and professors at a university in Michigan may be throwing hockey pucks.

“They have enough mass to cause injury, small enough to be thrown, (are) portable and they’re not considered a weapon,” Oakland University police Chief Mark Gordon told CNN.


But the hockey pucks are an “absolutely last resort,” said Thomas Discenna, president of Oakland University’s chapter of the American Association of University Professors.


The university’s AAUP chapter has already bought 2,500 hockey pucks, the first 800 of which have been distributed to faculty and the rest to students. They cost 94 cents each, said a university spokesman, who added that the student government ordered another 1,000 pucks.