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The Conley Column Ends

If you were coming here today to read my latest weekly column for the Washington County Daily News, I’m sorry to disappoint you. My time as a columnist for Conley Media has come to an end. Last week’s column was my final one.

The reason is simple. Money. It is no secret that traditional newspapers have suffered greatly in the internet age. With so many outlets for news, people have moved away from traditional local newspapers and their revenue has, consequently, suffered. And so, Conley has cut back on their budget for freelance writers like me and my column has been cut.

It’s been a helluva run and I am immensely appreciative to Conley. Jed and I started this blog in 2003. It was before social media and at the beginning of the heyday of blogging and citizen journalism. It was a lot of fun and we built a substantial audience with some significant influence.

In 2006, Conley did something really smart. In order to capitalize on the popularity of blogging, they asked several prominent Wisconsin bloggers, including me, to write a weekly column for them. I initially chaffed at the notion of a deadline and an editor. After all, blogging offers unlimited freedom of content and form. But I accepted the offer and figured I could always quit if it became onerous.

The column proved to be a joy. I came to appreciate the discipline of writing every week. I really tried to keep the column focused on state or local issues. There are plenty of other writers who write about national and international issues. My thought was that the readers of Conley’s papers wanted to read about home. My editors over the years (sans one) allowed me immense latitude and kept me honest on facts. They occasionally nudged me on tone, but never on content. A special shoutout to my editor of the past several years, Brian Huber, for his guidance and support.

I also enjoyed the column because it afforded me the opportunity to have a conversation with a different audience than this blog. There is some crossover, but they are different audiences. As I have put less effort into the blog in recent years as I have other life priorities, the column remained a weekly commitment. I believe I am the last remaining blogger columnist from that era. The others dropped off long ago for various reasons. Perhaps the death of my column will breathe new life into this blog. Perhaps not. Don’t get your hopes up.

All told, I wrote every week except for two. Once I missed my deadline because I broke my collar bone. I forget why I missed the other time. In total, I wrote 954 columns, or roughly 670,000 words over 18 years and 4 months from February 7, 2006, to June 4, 2024. The column ran every Tuesday in the Washington County Daily News, nee West Bend Daily News, and was regularly republished in other Conley newspapers around the state as they saw fit.

Thank you to all of the people who read and enjoyed (or hated) the column for the last almost two decades. And thank you to the good folks at Conley Media for publishing my work for so long. It was fun to write. I enjoyed the conversation. I hope y’all did too.

Back in the Saddle

I’m back from a lovely, fast-paced holiday to the U.K., Ireland, and France. We visited London, Windsor, Stratford-upon-Avon, York, the lake district, Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublin, Kilkenny, Waterford, Cardiff, a garden party at Highclere Castle, and Paris.

Travel and time off are good for the soul. My batteries are recharged.

A Wee Break

I’m going to take a couple of weeks off and go see some cool parts of the world. Y’all behave yourselves.

Classy Response

Last week, in response to a column that I wrote, this guy wrote a letter to the editor accusing me of blaming Biden for the crime wave of 2020. Another letter writer called him out because I never mentioned Biden in the column. I also called him out on this blog. Well, we wrote another letter to the editor today. This is a classy response. Tip o’ the hat to Tom.

Last week I wrote that Owen Robinson said Joe Biden was responsible for the 2020 murder rate, and was called out by Mr. Pete Luehring that Mr. Robinson never said that. I went back and saw that he was right. He blamed it on the Democratic Party’s agenda. I would like to apologize to Mr. Robinson and readers of the Daily News for misconstruing what he said. I would also like to thank Mr. Luehring for correcting me. There is enough misinformation in our country today.

Mea culpa.

— Tom Limbach, West Bend

The Warrior rests

My column for the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. In it, I think back on the impact of the Marquette Warrior, Dr. John McAdams. The world needs more people like him.

Doctor John McAdams passed away last week. He leaves behind a legacy as a warrior for freedom of thought and speech in an era that desperately needs more warriors like him. McAdams was jovial, witty, occasionally crass, extraordinarily intelligent, and unapologetically conservative. His professorial tone and pleasingly lax physique belied his steely spine. McAdams was not one to casually suffer affronts to liberty or what he thought was right. While he fought a long, brawling ideological battle with his employer and the leftists reshaping his beloved university with many advances and setbacks, he will be best remembered for taking that fight to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and winning a landmark ruling that will protect academic liberty for generations.

Server Maintenance

It looks like we’re back up on our new server.

We lost a little content in the period between when the hosting company grabbed the backup and now, so if there’s a post or comment missing, that’s why.  We’ll attemp to re-create what we can.

Also, if you signed up for an account or changed your password in the last 2-3 days, that’s probably lost as well, so you may need to re-sign-up or reset your password  again.

Maintenance Rescheduled

Our server maintenance didn’t go off as planned. We’re going to try again Friday night. Back to regular broadcasting…

Server Maintenance – OFFLINE for a While

We are doing some server maintenance here at B&S to improve your experience. We (I say “we” like I am actually helping) are doing the work over the next 24-48 hours and B&S will be unavailable or flaky until it’s done I apologize for the inconvenience.

Still Here

The great leftist tech oligarchy hasn’t got to me yet. I just have some personal stuff going on. I’ll be back to regular programming at the end of the week.

Back With an Updated Format and New Features

Welcome back! As you may have noticed, Jed gave the ol’ girl a makeover. There are also some new features like a contact form, updated social media tabs, and a more consistent look and feel on mobile platforms. There are also some new backend features that will allow us to make posts with more features (once I figure out how to work it). The content will still be useless drivel, but at least it will look sharp!

Welcome to Boots & Sabers 3.0

Down for Maintenance

We’re going to take the blog offline for a while to do some much-needed maintenance. It has been having trouble with mobile devices and a bit behind on updates. If things go well, it should take a few hours. If things don’t go well, we’ll see you in the new year. We will try to migrate all of the old posts and comments, but we’ll see.

See you soon and Merry Christmas!

Hallelujah and Pass the Tylenol

Some of you may have noticed that the blog has been down for a couple of days. We had a server move that didn’t go as smoothly as expected. Now I have all of this pent up commentary but no time to write at the moment… more to come :)

2019 Predictions

RightWisconsin has asked for 2020 predictions. As I start to think about them, I thought it would be worth looking back at this year’s predictions and how they turned out:

Despite the yowls of the Communist Caucus in the House of Representatives, the House will NOT impeach President Donald Trump. It will finally dawn on the Democratic leadership that they are better off using their fights with Trump to agitate their base for the 2020 election instead of energizing his base by turning him into a martyr.

Well, missed that one. I overestimated the intellectual capacity of the Democratic leadership. It is a good reminder of just how long the Democrats have been talking about impeachment even through their fig leaf of a reason for doing so didn’t occur until late July.

To the delight of Republicans and the groans of Democrats, Governor Tony Evers will prove to be as ineffective as governor as he was as DPI Superintendent.


The Dallas Cowboys will not lose the Super Bowl


West Bend will NOT pass a school referendum on the April ballot (perhaps wishful thinking or misplaced faith in the electorate).


Louis CK and Kevin Spacey participate in a disgraced celebrity baby oil wrestling match to raise money for their legal defense funds. It becomes a hit and runs for 19 seasons.

Not yet correct!

With the economic growth in China beginning to slow, the government begins to tighten the garrote on its wealthy elite -prompting an exodus of Chinese wealth to the West.


Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and Reince Priebus share a well-deserved beer. Well, not literally share… they will probably each have their own. And Reince will probably have a Lemon Drop Martini. You get the point.

Probably correct!

The stock market will recover in the first two quarters, but slip into bear territory by the end of 2019.

Thankfully, WRONG!

(for the easy win) Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes will say something stupid and racist. Wisconsin media outlets will yawn.


State Senator “Red” Fred Risser will fall asleep during the budget debate.

Probably correct!

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin has no impact whatsoever on any important issue as she returns to her seat on the back bench for the next five years.


The state will not have a budget until after July 1st.



Just a heads up… it looks like all comments are going into moderation. I’ll push them through as I have time. New posts are below.

No Column this Week

Due to some unforeseen issues, I was not able to submit a column for the Washington County Daily News this week. I’ll be back next week. In the meantime, go pick up a copy!

Week In Review

I’ll be on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Week In Review this morning at 8:00 AM to discuss the issues of the week with One Wisconsin Now’s Analiese Eicher. Below are the topics we plan to cover, but feel free to call in and throw us a curve ball.

  • US House Speaker Paul Ryan won’t seek re-election
  • Walker signed bills on welfare coverage
  • President Trump on Syria
  • Mike Pompeo’s confirmation hearing
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress
  • FBI Raid on President Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen

Week in Review 12/23/16

I’ll be n Wisconsin Public Radio’s Week in Review this morning at 0800 with Joy Cardin. Lon Newman, a former chairman of the Portage County Democratic Party, will hold down the conversation from the liberal perspective. On the docket is Walker’s hints at welfare reform, UW’s course about “The Problem with Whiteness,” splitting up the DNR, and the latest on the presidential transition.

Tune in!


Week In Review Tomorrow

I’ll be discussing the issues of the week with Christine Bremer-Muggli tomorrow morning on Joy Cardin’s Week in Review show. It airs at 0800 on your local Wisconsin Public Radio station or online at

It looks like it was a slow week, so if you have any suggestions for topics, feel free to send them my way.



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