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1359, 25 Sep 14

Where in the World – 25 Sep 14

Since Owen got the ball rolling on these again…  Let’s up the difficultly a little.


Congrats to Burlington Guy! This is Mers al Kebir, Algeria, where the British Royal Navy bombarded the French fleet on 3 July 1940 in an attempt to stop the French fleet from falling into German hands.


1359, 25 September 2014


  1. Owen

    Once again my productivity goes to hell…

  2. CaptainNed

    I’ve covered the UK coast from the Thames Estuary to the western Scots border and not found it.

  3. Owen

    The squiggly roads behind the town seem to indicate some steep hills. Curious that it’s a port but only one boat docked. Very little housing to speak of – mostly industrial or military buildings. Vegetation looks temperate like Italy or something. I already checked where Jed is stationed and it’s not there ;)


  4. Burlington Guy

    It’s the port at Mers El Kebir in Algeria.

    On July 3, 1940, after the fall of France, Britain attacked the French fleet here to stop it from falling into German hands.

    On September 25, 1940, the French retaliated by bombing Gibraltar.

  5. CaptainNed


    As usual, looking in the wrong place.  I’d never have ascribed that much green to Algeria.

    One of the last battleship to battleship actions.

  6. Owen

    Well done. I scanned the coast of North Africa, but the terrain didn’t look right and I moved on.

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