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1452, 14 Oct 14

Where in the World — 14 Oct 14

An easy one for today…


Congrats to Captain Ned!  This is Khe Sahn Combat Base, Vietnam.


1452, 14 October 2014


  1. Jed

    OK.  Maybe not so easy.  It’s in Asia, and it has historical significance.

  2. Captain Ned

    Son Tay?

  3. Jed

    Nope.  Right general vicinity, though.

  4. Captain Ned

    Got it now. Khe Sanh Combat Base. Now I understand why a C-130 is sitting in a non-descript field in central Vietnam.

  5. Captain Ned

    Funny, I always had this vision of Khe Sanh being some hilltop micro-base where C-130s would have to use LAPES to leave cargo.

    Oh, and if the Wikipedia article on The Battle of Khe Sanh had not given lat/long, I doubt I would ever have found it. Google Maps and Vietnamese place names don’t mesh well.

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