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Biden to Bypass Congress to Further Restrict Civil Rights Today

Biden has learned his lessons well from Herr Evers and others. Why bother with the legislature if it might be icky?

Later on Thursday, Mr Biden will say that he has given the Justice Department 30 days to propose a rule that will help reduce the number of “ghost guns”. These guns are self-assembled, which means they do not contain a serial number and cannot be traced.

I’ve been around guns and gun people all my life. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the phrase “ghost gun.” This appears to be a bit of showmanship. On the issue itself, there are only three reasons that guns don’t have a serial number from a manufacturer. First, they were filed off. Second, someone built the gun from parts. There are a lot of hobbyists out there who like to build their own guns instead of just buying them. Third, the gun is old from a period when serial numbers were not required. Whatever the case, if a person sells it, whether or not a gun has a serial number doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not the seller is required to run a background check. That is regulated by whether or not the seller is a licensed dealer or not. But the background check is on the person buying the gun – not the gun.

Here is what I think this is intended to do. The background check form has a spot to enter the serial number of the firearm if it has one. But the government doesn’t need that information to process the check. I think this is designed to give the government an excuse to deny background checks based on the form being incomplete. This is designed to just make it more of a hassle by throwing up bureaucratic roadblocks.

Mr Biden will also give the Justice Department 60 days to come up with a rule on stabilising braces for pistols. Under the rule, the braces, which can be used to turn a pistol into a short-barrelled rifle, would be subject to regulation under the National Firearms Act.

So killers will use a short rifle. This is an overreaction that doesn’t actually do anything other than annoy people, but it does allow politicians to say that they are “doing something” when they are not.

The Justice Department will also be asked to draft a “red flag law” which states can then use to create their own legislation. These laws authorise the courts and law enforcement to remove guns from people thought to be a risk to the community.

This is still a state issue, so it really depends on your state. The Justice Department can wrote all the samples they want. All it does is waste taxpayer money.

Biden to Finally Face Friendly, Coddling White House Press Corps


‘President Biden will hold a formal press conference on the afternoon of Thursday, March 25th,’ White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement.




That date is Biden’s 64th day in office, a record for a modern president in waiting to hold a press conference. The previous record was set by President George W. Bush, who waited 33 days before hosting one.


Most presidents – including Donald Trump and Barack Obama – hold a press conference in the first month of their administration. Trump held one on day 27 while Obama held one on day 20.


CNN analysis of the past 100 years found Biden is behind his 15 most recent predecessors, who all held a solo press conference within 33 days of taking office.

Charlamagne Calls For Consistency in Biden Voters

Remember back in the day when Maher liked to portray himself as a truth-teller who held all sides accountable? It looks like he has ceded that role to Charlamagne. 

Charlamagne responded ‘It’s kinda hard to ask Cuomo to resign when ‘you voted for Joe Biden.


‘If you weren’t more upset with Joe Biden, who had more serious allegations…’


‘No, he didn’t!’ Maher interrupted


‘Yeah, he was accused of actual rape,’ Charlamagne said.


‘No, he wasn’t,’ Maher maintained.


‘What are you talking about?!’ Charlamagne gasped.


‘Are you talking about the hallway incident?’ Maher questioned.


‘Tara Reade!’ Charlamagne responded.


‘Well, I don’t believe that,’ said Maher, as he dismissed the allegations.

Border Democrats Warns Biden about Open Borders

True. Obama’s immigration policy is what drove swaths of people to support Trump.

A Democratic lawmaker representing a border district warned the Biden administration against easing up too much on unauthorized immigrants, citing their impact on his constituents, local hospitals and their potential to spread the coronavirus.


Why it matters: Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) told Axios he supports President Biden. But the moderate said he sees the downsides of efforts to placate pro-immigrant groups, an effort that threatens to blow up on the administration.

Biden Resets Relationship with Saudi Arabia

Nothing says “let’s be allies” like crapping all over the guy who runs the country.

The Biden administration has said it expects Saudi Arabia to “change its approach” to the US and signalled that it wants to minimise any direct contact between the president and the country’s de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.


The stance marks an abrupt change compared with the Trump administration, which showered the young heir with attention and praise. It comes as intelligence officials are preparing to release – possibly as early as next week – a declassified report to Congress that will describe its assessment of the crown prince’s alleged culpability in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the US-based Washington Post journalist who was killed by Saudi officials in 2018.

The White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, this week said Joe Biden intended to “recalibrate” the US relationship with Saudi Arabia, and considered King Salman – not Prince Mohammed – to be his counterpart. While the designation might technically be true, the 35-year-old prince is widely seen as running Saudi Arabia and has direct relations with other foreign leaders.

Biden Seeks to Punish Florida for Voting Republican

There a states in worse shape than Florida. So why Florida?

The White House is reportedly considering domestic travel restrictions including in Florida, as variant cases of the coronavirus surge in the Sunshine State, while Gov. Ron DeSantis is pushing back against any possible restrictions, calling them “absurd.”


Officials with the Biden Administration said they are having conversations about anything that could help mitigate spread, including Florida travel restrictions, the Miami Herald reported Wednesday.

And why is Biden opening up our borders to thousands of illegal aliens flooding our country while trying to wall off Florida? How many of those illegal border crossers are getting tested and quarantining?

In a letter to Congress on Thursday, Mr Biden wrote that the order was “unwarranted” and said that no further tax dollars will be spent on the wall.

Biden Kills 2,000 Union Jobs in Wisconsin

From the Milwaukee Business Journal.

The January presidential executive order canceling permits for TC Energy Corp.’s Keystone XL Pipeline could eliminate job opportunities for an estimated 2,000 construction workers who live in Wisconsin.


Two Wisconsin contractors, Michels Corp. of Brownsville and Precision Pipeline of Eau Claire, were among six that TC Energy hired in October to build about 800 miles of the Keystone pipeline across three states this year. The project starting in Hardisty, Alberta, in Canada would run through Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska.




Although the actual construction would’ve happened outside of Wisconsin, Michels and Precision Pipeline would have hired Wisconsin union tradespeople for the projects, said Terrance McGowan, president and business manager of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 139, located in Pewaukee.

Biden Unleashes Immigration Crisis

More illegals means lower wages and higher taxes for Americans. Send your “thank you” cards to the White House. This is a direct result of his policies.

LOS ANGELES — President Biden’s first immigration crisis has already begun as thousands of families have surged toward the southwestern border in recent weeks, propelled by expectations of a friendlier reception and by a change in Mexican policy that makes it harder for the United States to expel some of the migrants.


More than 1,000 people who had been detained after crossing have been released into the country in recent days in a swift reversal from the Trump administration’s near shutdown of the border. Many more people are gathering on the Mexican side, aggravating conditions there and testing America’s ability and willingness to admit migrants during a pandemic.


New families every day have been collecting in Mexican border towns, sleeping in the streets, under bridges and in dry ditches, according to lawyers and aid groups working along the border. On Thursday in Mexicali, across from Calexico, Calif., desperate migrants could be seen trying to scale a border fence. A migrant camp in Matamoros, Mexico, just across a bridge from Texas, has boomed to 1,000 people over the past few weeks.

I guess we aren’t worried about the virus anymore if we’re allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to stream across our border, eh?

Biden Changes Path on Foreign Policy

This is pretty simple. There are two power sources in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia and Iran. You can align with one or the other, but never both. By moving away from Saudi Arabia, Biden is necessarily aligning more with Iran.

The US is to end its support for offensive operations by its allies in Yemen, which has been devastated by a six-year war in which more than 110,000 people are believed to have died.


The Biden administration had already put a temporary halt on arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.


The US will raise the cap on refugee admissions from 15,000 to 125,000 for the fiscal year.

The withdrawal of US troops from Germany will be frozen and forces will remain at their current level of about 36,000. Under Mr Trump, the US was going to reduce its presence by 12,000, with about 5,600 to be deployed elsewhere in Europe.

Biden Abandons Attempt at Bipartisanship After 10 Days in Office

Governing is so haaaard

With Congress still deeply polarized following former President Donald Trump’s acrimonious exit, and with dangerous variants of the coronavirus circulating in the US, the President signaled a new sense of urgency Friday about the need to get his $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package passed — even if he is not able to bring Republicans along.

China Tests Biden’s Resolve on Taiwan

I think it’s more likely than not that China makes a hard play for Taiwan within the next year.

Taiwan has reported a large incursion by Chinese warplanes for the second day running, a show of force that coincides with the first days of US President Joe Biden’s term of office.


Sunday’s operation involved 15 aircraft and followed a similar drill that led to a warning from Washington.


China sees democratic Taiwan as a breakaway province, but Taiwan sees itself as a sovereign state.


Analysts say China is testing the level of support of Mr Biden for Taiwan.

Biden’s First Approval Rating

Yikes. I expect that come Congress Critters are looking at that too.

In Rasmussen Reports’ first Presidential Daily Tracking Poll of likely voters, the new Democratic president starts at 48% approving and 45% disapproving.


Notably, he is underwater with women (46% approve, 48% disapprove) and whites (43% approve, 51% disapprove).


Rasmussen’s daily survey number is an average of the last three days.


By comparison, Biden’s approval is ho-hum compared to former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, said the polling data.


Trump opened with a 56% approval rating. Just 44% disapproved. It was one of his highest ratings of his four years.


Obama started at 67% approval, 32% disapprove, which is also one of his highest ratings.

Disappointed in Biden

We’re disappointed too, Justin

Upon taking office on Wednesday, Biden rescinded a permit for the pipeline via executive order, blocking completion of the project started almost a decade ago.


Trudeau had previously said it was ‘an important project for us,’ citing continental energy security and jobs, and reacted with disappointment Friday over its cancellation.


‘The prime minister raised Canada’s disappointment with the United States’ decision on the Keystone XL pipeline,’ Trudeau’s office said in its statement, but added that the prime minister emphasized the ‘important economic and energy security benefits of our bilateral energy relationship.’

C’mon Man

I haven’t been paying too close attention – busy with living and all that… but is this the first official “C’mon man!” of the Biden presidency?

But when challenged by a reporter who suggested the target might be too low, he snapped back: “When I announced it you all said that it’s not possible. Come on. Give me a break, man.”

On the issue itself, Biden is taking an entirely national approach to the Covid health concern instead of a federal one. I expect that will be his approach on most issues. The centralization of power and money in faraway Washington continues apace.

Meanwhile, his goals are not exactly revolutionary.

She said the Trump administration was provided 36 million doses and pushed out 17 million shots, or about 500,000 per day.

‘What we are proposing is to double that to about 1 million shots per day. We have outlined this goal and objective in coordination and consultation with our health and medical experts,’ she said.

While her numbers add up, what they don’t show is that the prior administration was already on a trajectory to boost the number of shots closer to the 1 million number, with shots per day jumping over 800,000 in the last five days before the inauguration, as more vaccine came online and as states and hospitals stepped up their efforts.

If the past week’s average trajectory were maintained, total vaccination would reach just short of 97 million in the 100 days since vaccines began on December 21, which is 31 days before Biden’s 100 million target.

Biden Plans Mask Mandate for Interstate Travel


Biden also plans on asking the Education Department to extend the federal hiatus on student loan payments and interest on federal student loans, rejoining the Paris Climate Accords and undoing the Trump administration’s travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries.

Biden also will issue a mask mandate on federal property and interstate travel and extend a pause on evictions and foreclosures.

I’m curious how they will implement and enforce an interstate mask mandate. The airlines are already enforcing mask wearing, so this really only applies to people driving between states. Will federal agents staff the border to enforce compliance? How long is the mandate in effect? For example, if I drive from Appleton to Des Moines, do I have to wear a mask the whole way because I cross a boarder? Or do I just have to wear it when actually crossing the border?

Oh, and Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Biden Advised to Not Kill Bin Laden to Give Obama “Space”

Whatever. His story on this has changed so many times that who knows what the truth is?

“In my view,” Biden told CNN, “there was one option there that was remaining: you could have done one more very low flight … spying down on the site” – a compound in Abbottabad – “to determine whether this was Bin Laden, because again, there was no certainty.

“ … And so I looked around the table, I said, ‘I didn’t think we had this many economists in the room. On the one hand, the other hand.’ I said, ‘Mr President,’ to give him space, I said, ‘I think you should wait.’ And do one more pass.’ Knowing that if you made the lower pass, they might observe it and he’d flee.”

Again echoing Obama, Biden said he and the president had a subsequent private discussion in which he advised the president to follow his instinct.

Biden Will Ask People to Wear Masks for 100 Days


(CNN)President-elect Joe Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday that he will ask Americans to wear masks for his first 100 days after he takes office, in a sign of how Biden’s approach to the virus will be dramatically different to President Donald Trump’s response.

“Just 100 days to mask, not forever. 100 days. And I think we’ll see a significant reduction,” Biden told Tapper during his first joint interview with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris since winning the election. The full interview will air at 9 p.m. ET.
If you think you need to wear a mask, please do so. If not, then that’s cool too. We are free-thinking people who can understand the personal risks and take appropriate actions as appropriate.
And if you believe it will only be for 100 days, I have a bridge sell you. We’re nine months into a two-week lockdown.

Biden Breaks

The elderly are fragile. And, of course, the obligatory opaqueness we have come to expect from Biden.

Initially, Dr Kevin O’Connor said Biden ‘sustained a sprain of his right foot’ and that there was ‘no obvious fracture’.

But a subsequent CT scan ‘confirmed hairline (small) fractures of President-elect Biden’s lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones, which are in the mid-foot,’ according to a statement from O’Connor.

‘It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks,’ O’Conner added.

Biden’s office said he was taken to the doctor ‘out of an abundance of caution’.

Reporters covering the president-elect were not afforded the opportunity to see Biden enter the doctor’s office, despite multiple requests.

Images showed Biden’s motorcade arriving to the Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists office on Sunday afternoon and leaving Sunday night.




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