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0729, 08 Oct 21

Classy Response

Last week, in response to a column that I wrote, this guy wrote a letter to the editor accusing me of blaming Biden for the crime wave of 2020. Another letter writer called him out because I never mentioned Biden in the column. I also called him out on this blog. Well, we wrote another letter to the editor today. This is a classy response. Tip o’ the hat to Tom.

Last week I wrote that Owen Robinson said Joe Biden was responsible for the 2020 murder rate, and was called out by Mr. Pete Luehring that Mr. Robinson never said that. I went back and saw that he was right. He blamed it on the Democratic Party’s agenda. I would like to apologize to Mr. Robinson and readers of the Daily News for misconstruing what he said. I would also like to thank Mr. Luehring for correcting me. There is enough misinformation in our country today.

Mea culpa.

— Tom Limbach, West Bend


0729, 08 October 2021


  1. Mike


    Now if we could only clean up the comments on here. The infighting makes the blog almost unreadable.

  2. Mar

    I would talk to Pervert Boy Le Roi if you want things cleaned up.

  3. Le Roi du Nord


    Anytime you quit lying about me is ok with me . But then you would have nothing else to say….

  4. Jason

    Only Leroy would be so ignorant to complain about someone lying while lying about that person.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    What’s the lie, j ?

  6. Mar

    Anytime you quit lying about me is ok with me . ”
    What lie have I told about you, Pervert Boy Le Roi?
    You have never offered any evidence to refute my points, Pervert Boy Le Roi.

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    There you go mar, asking for proof, then providing it yourself. Bravo!!

  8. Jason

    >What’s the lie, j

    Sorry I’m not going to do your homework for you… you won’t learn anything that way. But your statement was a lie and everyone knows it… even you

    >then providing it yourself. Bravo!!

    Nothing Mar said proves your lie to be true. You are making it impossible to underestimate you…

  9. Mar

    Poor, poor, Pervert Boy Le Roi.
    Maybe Pervert Boy Le Roi doesn’t understand that when you support a pervert judge who watches babies being raped and distributes child porn, that your are associated with such perverts.
    And poor, poor Pervert Boy Le offers no evidence to clear his name.
    But when you get old like Le Roi, you say stupid things. Look at his hero, Truck Driver Joe Biden. A senile numbing old goat with the intelligence of a gnat, with apologies to the gnat family.

  10. Mar

    And gee, Pervert Boy Le Roi, why do you lie about things I have said?
    And again, Pervert Boy Le Roi, you have no creditably here.

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    Since you clowns continue to lie about me, I’ll point it out. But mar does a great job of asking a question and answering it himself, all in the same sentence. If j could read, or had someone read to him, he would understand. But until that unlikely event happens, j will just parrot the same lies mar spews forth.

  12. Jason

    Since I’m not a clown I won’t bother. Your celebration here reminds me of McPherson after his field goal attempt in overtime. Classic Leroy response.

  13. Mar

    And Pervert Boy Le Roi adds nothing to the conversation and refuses to show that he is not a pervert.
    But hey, Pervert Boy Le Roi has until the next next May to come up with something relevant, since Pervert Boy Le Roi really is an uneducated concrete puddler and unable to come up with a anything to prove he is not a pervert who loves to download child porn to.please his master,the pervert judge who watches babies being raped.
    Prove me wrong, Pervert Boy Le Roi.

  14. Mike

    Congratulations people, you proved my point.
    13 comments and not one comment on the subject, just personal attacks on each other.

  15. Mar

    Umm, mike, who cares.

  16. Mar

    And Pervert Boy Le Roi still refuses to state what lies I have told about him.

  17. Tuerqas

    “Umm, mike, who cares.”

    Well I, for one, care. I would very much rather read and respond to interesting responses to the post than read and rarely respond to the Mar, Le Roi, Kevin attack show. I generally do stop reading and jump down to where you 3 end. I have seen it worse on liberal blogs if a conservative gives any commentary, but in the end I expect better from conservative commenters.

    I am very happy that the man retracted his statement in such a classy manner and would love to believe that if he ever came here and gave thoughtful responses they would be well received as well as well refuted. And if refuted, he would say ‘Good point Mar, I was wrong on that’. Unfortunately, if he came to this blog and looked down at the comments, he would see strings of Mar and Le Roi and (intelligently) never come back.

  18. Kevin Scheunemann

    Just awful that leftists constantly do this.

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