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0724, 23 Dec 16

Week in Review 12/23/16

I’ll be n Wisconsin Public Radio’s Week in Review this morning at 0800 with Joy Cardin. Lon Newman, a former chairman of the Portage County Democratic Party, will hold down the conversation from the liberal perspective. On the docket is Walker’s hints at welfare reform, UW’s course about “The Problem with Whiteness,” splitting up the DNR, and the latest on the presidential transition.

Tune in!



0724, 23 December 2016

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I missed it.

    I hope your liberal opponent talked about how this “problem of whiteness” course is not racist and that we could also have a UW course named “problem of blackness” which discusses insanely high tolerance for violent crime in liberal urban communities and the damage that does….and that would not be racist either.

    Methinks the same defense of free speech statement would not be forthcoming from UW on that last course suggestion, rather an expulsion, AND/or horse whipping, on the PC campus quad.

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