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0646, 11 Jan 21

Still Here

The great leftist tech oligarchy hasn’t got to me yet. I just have some personal stuff going on. I’ll be back to regular programming at the end of the week.


0646, 11 January 2021


  1. Jason

    Are you prepping up for Flexential to notify you that your blog needs better moderation policies or your contract will be voided?

    Everyone who doesn’t breath through their mouth should be worried about what’s to come.

    Except Pat, he doesn’t care either way. The Progs are happy today, after years of fear and whining.

  2. jonnyv

    I assumed he was taking care of Parler after their huge security breach last night.

  3. Pat

    I care that the radical right is extinguished.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    What about radical left? Carry on with their awful agenda is your marching order?

  5. Mar

    I know of 1 conservative blog that was shut down last night and a conservative Facebook page was also taken down within the last week as well.
    They are coming for conservatives.

  6. Mar

    “I care that the radical right is extinguished.”
    So, you don’t want the radical right extinguished?
    Umm, ok.

  7. jonnyv

    Mar, my guess would be that whatever was taken down had open threats or violent memes on it. That seems to be the factor that is the same with all of this.

    There are plenty of other right-wing sites, blogs, and users that are still up and running without a blip of downtime.

    Isn’t the first amendment great. These companies don’t have to host anyone they don’t want.

  8. Mar

    “Mar, my guess would be that whatever was taken down had open threats or violent memes on it. That seems to be the factor that is the same with all of this.”
    None that I saw.
    Some crazy ideas, yes, but no threats or violence.
    The sites were 2nd City Cop blog and Drill Facebook SSargents Facebook page.

  9. Pat

    It’s crazy you guys are more concerned about Trump’s Twitter account than the MAGA Mob that dragged out an officer, beat him with an American flag, and killed him. Great priorities MAGAts have.

  10. Mar

    Pat, are you the sociopath in drag?
    Making things up, lying and looking for attention?
    Incest by your biological parents cause your problems?

  11. jonnyv

    Mar, is it possible they took them down themselves? There seems to be a few sites that are doing that to scrub possible user involvement with the coup last week. Clearly I don’t follow either of those, so I can’t say with any certainty.

  12. Mar

    Jonny, the 2nd City Cop page kind of had a premonition that they were going to be shut down.
    Not sure about the Drill Sargent page but they gave no indication they were suddenly shutting.
    With both sites., you cannot even get to their page.
    It is possible they both shut down themselves but I kind of doubt it.
    Maybe you might know, but does have a reputation of shutting down sites?

  13. Mar

    This is from the Second City Cop Twitter page:
    “I can say with 99% certainly that the SECOND CITY COP BLOG has been shut down by Google and that they are looking to delete it completely. More info to come……”
    I’d give a link but you now cannot copy and paste 2 items in the same post here

  14. jonnyv

    Honestly, I have not heard of So I couldn’t say.

  15. Mar

    Maybe its run by Google.
    And the cop blog was moderated but it was a major PIA to the mayor of Chicago and governor of Illinois, but especially the mayor. They had moles throughout the headquarters of the police dept and city hall.

  16. dad29

    SCC posted the comment on the Capitol brouhaha from the President of the Chicago Cops’ Union.

    Definitely NOT acceptable to Google, which is “Blogger.”

    In fact, the NATIONAL Cops’ Union president came out and condemned the Chicago statement.


  17. Jason

  18. Tuerqas

    “Mar, my guess would be that whatever was taken down had open threats or violent memes on it. That seems to be the factor that is the same with all of this.”

    I don’t know Jonnyv. I can’t begin to count all of the leftist sites that have called literally for the head of Trump and before him Scott Walker and all manner of lesser violence as well.
    I guess Facebook DOES allow hypocrisy,

  19. Merlin

    Big Tech sure seems to be rather myopic. What they’re doing in the not-so long run is creating new competition. What they worship is money and they’ve created a reason for money to flow away from them. Not just in America. A global audience of governments and individuals are witnessing exactly what can happen to them too.

    An individual’s best immediate response is to deny your political opponents the use of your money. Same goes for corporate purchasing. The loudest protest you can make is the simple movement of your money. There’s really little point in funding your adversaries yourself. Move your money.

    You can live without Twitter and Facebook. You’ll be able to find your favorite sites at their new addresses. You can live without Amazon too. Buy direct from the manufacturer or some of the less offensive big box store’s online operations. Move your money.

    Who to trust will be somewhat problematic for a while, but in large measure those who absolutely cannot be trusted have already revealed themselves. Move your money.

  20. Tuerqas

    Merlin, that is only true if a conservative entrepreneur comes up with a new platform. But what if that is not real point of the exercise? A new conservative platform may lose them money, but it gains them power. There are people profiting by dividing Americans into two firm groups and conservative platforms would geometrically increase it. Imagine always having two sets of facts for every single problem with no fact check orgs on your own sites, just on opponents…

    Only conservatives think twitter and facebook are untrustworthy, liberals virtually worship them.

  21. Merlin


    Either you find other ways to live as a first class citizen or you accept that status of which they deem you worthy. There are choices to be made.

  22. jonnyv

    I am not saying that FB and Twitter are not hypocritical. They most certainly are. And there are 1000 reasons why they suck. But as you said… it all comes down to money. Do the social media sites feel that their customers will be happier (and bring in more money) if they block the president and other sites that seem to be not moderating extremists? And while they disagree with the decision, almost every right-wing friend I spoke with was happier without Trump having his Twitter.

    Here is another thing… what do you THINK was going to happen to Trump? The minute he had NO power, all the hens come to roost. He did nothing but attack and make enemies with these companies. Now he is reaping what he sowed.

    All these companies have 1st amendment rights to do what they are doing.

  23. Mar

    “All these companies have 1st amendment rights to do what they are doing.”
    And yet their users do not?

  24. jonnyv

    Mar. NO. they don’t. You have no 1st amendment rights on someone else’s platform. If Owen doesn’t like what we say, he can remove us without hesitation from this site. We have no recourse.

    The hardest thing I did this week was try to explain the difference between the 1st amendment and section 230 to people who thought either would have protected these orgs from moderation.

    You can morally disagree with their decision to remove them. But they have every right to do so. The Gov’t hasn’t blocked them or censored them at all. Their vendors & platforms did.

  25. Tuerqas

    I fully agree with that part Merlin, I have never had a twitter account and haven’t looked at Facebook in at least 5 years. I am saying that I hope more people just leave rather than starting a new site, I guess.

    Jonnyv, I never thought that Facebook/twitter ‘moderations’ were a 1st amendment violation, I thought if they did that they would, by law, need to be regulated differently. I am likely wrong on that since there have been no comments from the conservatives here with more time for research than myself right now.

  26. jonnyv

    Turqas. no that is the big misconception. Moderation doesn’t equal publishing. They can block any side they see fit without gov’t retribution or legal ramifications. Even with 230 removed, they could continue to do that. And in fact would probably be worse than it currently is.

    They only become publishers when they themselves are publishing the posts. Like Owen does here. They are then publishers.

  27. Mar

    Jonny, I do agree with you that Blogs have that right.
    But platforms?
    Where does it say they also have first amendments rights? Why do a bunch of servers have a first amendment right?
    I’m not sure if Parker will win on this point, granted, but they have a very good chance with the anti-trust lawsuit.
    That and I think shareholders will have a say in the matter.

  28. Mar

    Should be Parler Apparently, spell check also kicked out Parler.

  29. Tuerqas

    Hmmm, thanks for clearing that up for me Jonny, appreciate it.

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