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1628, 08 Jul 24

International Perspective

I’m traveling out of the country for a few weeks. This morning I was at a little ice cream shop and the young worker (17? 20?) asked where I was from and I said, “the States” (as if my accent didn’t give it away). She asked who I was supporting for President. It was an impertinent question but asked in what seemed genuine curiosity. I shared that I was not happy with our choices, but I was leaning Trump. She gasped and said, “really!?!?” I explained that while Trump certainly has his problems, our lives were better when he was president in terms of the economy, crime, immigration, world affairs, etc.

While she was surprised, she did share that she asks every American and every one of us had said “Trump” and it worried her.

The conversation ended there as she served me a double scoop in a waffle cone, but it was a curious conversation. While Americans who might travel to where I am represents a varied subset of Americans in terms of geography and socioeconomic class, it would be predominately middle-class folks from the Midwest. For what it’s worth…


1628, 08 July 2024


  1. Tuerqas

    This does not surprise me at all. My wife and I have been watching a lot of British comedy on Youtube this year and the jokes all concern the most extreme lies and out of context words that ever came from Trumps mouth as simple fact. Clearly the liberal media is the only news that is seen across the pond. And the political ads are out of control lies, but the Reps are not advertising on any social media platforms that I have seen.

    We occasionally get UK ads instead of regional ads and I am sure they do too when they watch from places like Youtube. So they only hear ‘Trump wants to give the wealthy tax breaks at the expense of the middle class! Biden disagrees and he will close the loopholes used by the wealthy to not pay their fair share.’ Now we all know that all evidence is to the contrary. The rich have gotten richer at a greater rate during Obama’s terms and now Biden’s than at any point in History except the tax burden immediately following WWII, with the only relief being when Trump gave us some tax relief in his term in the 21st century. When has a politician ever closed tax loopholes on the wealthy? The last time I can think of was during Reagan’s term, the last time the tax code was simplified in any way.

    At least Reps have stopped drinking that Kool-aid. They know Reps won’t close them either, but despite tax increases and inflationary increases during Biden’s first term, libs actually still believe their politicians will come through with something like that. And they will cry from the rooftops that Trump will give his fellow billionaires tax breaks even though he did not during his first term and has not said he would this time. Despite nothing during his first term, libs will believe that NOW Biden will target his primary donors with tax increases.

    Another commercial: ‘Trump is going to abolish the constitution, vote Biden to retain Democracy!’ So once again the libs are accusing Trump (not even just Republicans) of doing what they are obviously and up front doing themselves. Packing the courts with partisans to ignore and/or bypass the Legislative branch IS destroying our version of Democracy as is continuing to gather power for the Executive Branch to also ignore the national Legislative branch. Yet we know that libs cannot recognize simple truths, lib teachers are still teaching that there are checks and balances among 3 separate branches of Government even as it is being dismantled by Democrats. You are either simple or completely programmed to not have some sort of problem with that, but teachers have been the best barometer of what libs believe in the last 30 years in my opinion, and they actually teach provably false lies to our kids in the name of…Government?

  2. dad29

    O, I’d be curious as to why she worries about a Trump victory……but so it goes.

    The Western world’s Press is just as infection-filled as is the one in the USA. Don’t know if they’re collapsing at the same rate as they are over here, but it will probably happen.

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