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Where in the World?

The distinctive construction of the main building should be a hint for this one. Where is it?


Where in the World?


UPDATE: Hmmmm… I must have made this one too hard. Here are a few clues… as CaptainNed already pointed out, it’s in the northern hemisphere in a country that drives on the right. Also, it is of Spanish construction, but it’s not in Spain. It is the site of a battle, although it was more of a skirmish. It is related to something noteworthy that we remember during this time.

UPDATE2: Wow… well, it’s been three days. I guess this one was tougher than I thought. Let’s try some more clues… It is in North America. The battle in question was in the 19th century.

UPDATE3: Finally! Congrats to CaptainNed. This is the Presidio La Bahia in Goliad, TX. It is noted for being the site of the second skirmish of the Texas Revolution where the Texians stormed it and took it over. Commander James Fannin led an incompetent and failed rescue attempt to the Alamo from here before being killed with his command by the Mexicans in the Goliad Massacre. “Remember the Alamo!” and “Remember Goliad!” motivated Texians in their eventual victory over the Mexicans.

Where In The World?

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. This one may be too easy. There’s a glaring clue in the picture. But it’s something that’s been in the news lately.



UPDATE: Congrats to Captain Ned! I’ll post his comment because he’s spot on.

The HQ of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, located at Via del Condotti, 68, Rome.

Commonly known as the Order of Malta, it is the successor organization to the medieval Order of the Knights Hospitaller, the group that cared for pilgrims to the Holy Land in that brief period where it was controlled by the West.  Granted extraterritoriality under Italian law and granted Permanent Observer status at the UN.

The Order is in the news these days because of liberal vs. conservative (in Vatican terms) politics, with Pope Francis seen to be interfering in the internal workings of an organization that has been accustomed to light (or non-existent) direct Papal involvement.

I would only add that as an “extraterritorial” building, it is (I believe) the smallest sovereign “nation” in the world with diplomatic relations with over 100 other countries.

Where in the World – 25 Sep 14

Since Owen got the ball rolling on these again…  Let’s up the difficultly a little.


Congrats to Burlington Guy! This is Mers al Kebir, Algeria, where the British Royal Navy bombarded the French fleet on 3 July 1940 in an attempt to stop the French fleet from falling into German hands.

Where in the World?

Let’s bring back a semi-regular feature of the ol’ B&S. Where in the world is this? The winner receives their choice of emoticon for their victorious comment. Personally, I’d go with this one: 



UPDATE: I made this first one too easy, I think! Congrats to Captain Ned. This is the European Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, France (formerly Germany… formerly France).



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