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2057, 25 Feb 17

Where in the World?


UPDATE: Hmmmm… I must have made this one too hard. Here are a few clues… as CaptainNed already pointed out, it’s in the northern hemisphere in a country that drives on the right. Also, it is of Spanish construction, but it’s not in Spain. It is the site of a battle, although it was more of a skirmish. It is related to something noteworthy that we remember during this time.

UPDATE2: Wow… well, it’s been three days. I guess this one was tougher than I thought. Let’s try some more clues… It is in North America. The battle in question was in the 19th century.

UPDATE3: Finally! Congrats to CaptainNed. This is the Presidio La Bahia in Goliad, TX. It is noted for being the site of the second skirmish of the Texas Revolution where the Texians stormed it and took it over. Commander James Fannin led an incompetent and failed rescue attempt to the Alamo from here before being killed with his command by the Mexicans in the Goliad Massacre. “Remember the Alamo!” and “Remember Goliad!” motivated Texians in their eventual victory over the Mexicans.


2057, 25 February 2017


  1. CaptainNed

    Well, I asked for it and I got it.  Clearly not in the UK (car at top), and clearly in the Northern Hemisphere (shadows).  Architecture is vaguely Roman (IMO), which puts it most likely somewhere in France.

    If I don’t sleep tonight, it’s all on you.

  2. Owen

    Still up, Cap? You’re right, right, right, wrong. As you might suspect, it is related to something in the news cycle this month.

  3. CaptainNed

    Hmm, Spanish colonial possession in  the Northern Hemisphere.  Well, that really cuts down the possibilities.

  4. CaptainNed

    Should have known it would be a Texas thing.  The Presidio La Bahia just outside Goliad, TX, site of the Goliad Massacre.

  5. Owen

    Yes! I thought I almost gave it away with the “remember” comment… as in, “remember the Alamo!” Perhaps it’s a bigger thing in Texas ;)

    Congrats, Cap’n.

  6. CaptainNed

    Yeah, in the lens of history, Santa Anna didn’t do his side any favors through his actions at the Alamo and Goliad.

    And yes, once you get out of Texas and neighboring areas, the Alamo is the only thing most Americans remember about Texian independence.  After all, John Wayne never made a movie about Goliad.

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