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Pay for Play in South Bend

No shocker here.

Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg’s top political donors received millions of dollars in city contracts after giving thousands to his campaigns while he was mayor of South Bend, Indiana.


Buttigieg’s political action committees took money from 23 companies who then got jobs from South Bend’s Board of Public Works on which he was seated, documents obtained by reveal.


On two occasions, the former presidential candidate received donations the same day the companies were awarded contracts.


Other city contractors gifted the mayor cigars, alcohol and golf trips worth hundreds of dollars.


The companies, their executives and spouses donated a total $253,750 to Buttigieg’s campaigns, and received a total of at least $33,310,426 in city contracts between 2011 and 2019.

On a side note, can we please stop saying “gifted”? We already have a word for the past tense of “give.” It’s “gave.” They “gave” Buttigieg bribes.

Buttigieg’s Fake Ride


The Secretary of Transportation, 39, was seen arriving at the building on his bike Thursday to attend a Cabinet meeting with Joe Biden. It appeared the politician had cycled in from his office at the Department of Transportation three miles away.


However, footage from WFMZ-TV  quickly went viral after it purportedly showed Buttigieg’s security detail unloading the bike from the back of a ‘gas guzzling’ SUV just blocks back from the White House.




The Department of Transportation told The New York Post that Buttigeg ‘rode his bike to the White House cabinet meeting’.


They did not say whether the bike ride began at Buttigieg’s office, which is located in the DOT building three miles away.


However, they did claim that he rode the entirety of the way back.

No Protests Because Buttigieg is Gay

How many times have you read a story like this? Gay/Trans/Liberal/Minority/whatever goes to a conservative area expecting to find hate and instead finds genuine, caring, loving people? And yet, when a prominent conservative goes to a liberal area, you can almost guarantee that there will be protests and, occasionally, violence. Liberals tend to project their hate and assume that conservatives act the same way they do.

“What you need to realize with Sioux county is there’s a very strong religious flavor there, from their courts to their public squares,” said Ned Bjornstad, a former elected prosecutor in north-west Iowa turned veteran defense attorney who practices regularly in Orange City. “For a candidate like Buttigieg, I’d expect protesters.”

There weren’t any.

Buttigieg Supports Abortion Until Birth

What an abhorrent and violent view. By the way… I may be unaware of the current state of political correctness… is a man allowed to have a position on abortion?

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said Sunday that governments shouldn’t stand in the way of women who want to seek abortions in the final three months of their pregnancies.

The South Bend, Indiana mayor allowed that women who are six, seven or eight months into their pregnancies have ‘perhaps chosen a name’ or ‘purchased a crib.’

But Fox News Channel moderator Chris Wallace found no flexibility in his pro-choice stand.

‘As horrible as that choice is,’ Buttigieg said, ‘that woman – that family may seek spiritual guidance, they may seek medical guidance – but that decision’s not going to be made any better medically or morally because the government is dictating how that decision should be made.’



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