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0914, 18 Jan 20

No Protests Because Buttigieg is Gay

How many times have you read a story like this? Gay/Trans/Liberal/Minority/whatever goes to a conservative area expecting to find hate and instead finds genuine, caring, loving people? And yet, when a prominent conservative goes to a liberal area, you can almost guarantee that there will be protests and, occasionally, violence. Liberals tend to project their hate and assume that conservatives act the same way they do.

“What you need to realize with Sioux county is there’s a very strong religious flavor there, from their courts to their public squares,” said Ned Bjornstad, a former elected prosecutor in north-west Iowa turned veteran defense attorney who practices regularly in Orange City. “For a candidate like Buttigieg, I’d expect protesters.”

There weren’t any.


0914, 18 January 2020


  1. Mar

    Or it could be that no one really cares about Buttigieg.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    No need to protest the godless like Buttigieg.

    He is free to live his godless, carnal choice driven, unrepentant life as he wants. No one can force the truth of the Gospel upon him.

    Christian conservatives pray he gives up his godlessness on carnal choices, baby killing abortion, and a correction of his gross, fraudulent representation of the bible. None Christian wants to see people run toward the pit in eternity, even Mayor Pete, but many are insistent to jump anyway.

  3. dad29

    No need for protest.  He will not get ANY support from blacks.

    He did what he wanted to do this year:  become a national figure.  From here, it’s a network nooz gig or another run in ’23/4–and there, win or lose, he gets a FedGov position from which he can re-write Scripture.

  4. MjM

    Ya’all realize Buttageek was HOPING for confrontation, dontcha? The campaign is prolly very P’O’d they didn’t get the pearl-clutching press that they’d planned on by going to this city.

    But nice try.

    ‘ “Think about it: there were over 200 people in Orange City to see Pete Buttigieg and there aren’t even 2,000 registered Democrats in that county. That means there are independents and Republicans in that crowd,” Price said. ‘

    Let’s just call that a really bad guess by (whoever it is) Price (as this person is not otherwise identified in the article).

    Sioux County has a population of 34,800+/-. Orange City, the county seat, is tiny, with a population of 6110+/- (comparable to WI cities of Rib Mountain or Twin Lakes), and while it is an overwhelmingly conservative town 12.6% are registered Democrats (

    Which means there are about 770 democrats right in town.

    Within a 30-60 minute drive of Orange City there are another couple-hundred thousand folks. Some, no doubt, Democrats.

    To parrot Mr./Mrs/Ms/Ze/they/whatever Price, think about it; a teeny fly-over town gets a visit from a Dem prez candidate and local Dem wiz-kids are tooting up the great turn-out of…. 200.

    Betcha more folks attend local funerals.

  5. dad29

    Well, of course that’s what he hoped for.

    And it’s no surprise that the MFM is hoping for that, too.


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