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2133, 19 May 19

Buttigieg Supports Abortion Until Birth

What an abhorrent and violent view. By the way… I may be unaware of the current state of political correctness… is a man allowed to have a position on abortion?

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said Sunday that governments shouldn’t stand in the way of women who want to seek abortions in the final three months of their pregnancies.

The South Bend, Indiana mayor allowed that women who are six, seven or eight months into their pregnancies have ‘perhaps chosen a name’ or ‘purchased a crib.’

But Fox News Channel moderator Chris Wallace found no flexibility in his pro-choice stand.

‘As horrible as that choice is,’ Buttigieg said, ‘that woman – that family may seek spiritual guidance, they may seek medical guidance – but that decision’s not going to be made any better medically or morally because the government is dictating how that decision should be made.’


2133, 19 May 2019


  1. Mar

    The more we hear from Buttigeg, the more radical he becomes. I done see him winning the presidency nor another term as mayor of South Bend.

  2. dad29

    Government “dictates” a lot of things, of course; it is the mission of Government to “dictate” what is right.  That’s the basis of the saying that ‘liberty is the freedom to do what is right.’  IOW, error has NO rights.

    Mayor Pete is morally confused, to be kind about it.

  3. jjf

    Sure, keep asking questions.  Should rapists be forced to marry their victims?

  4. guinness

    Amazing how liberals dodge the actual discussion on abortion. First by trying to compare pro-execution with pro-life and now an equally unrelated question about rapists being forced to marry victims. Where do you come up with these things??? Do you ever listen to yourself?

  5. Merlin

    No, men are still not allowed to question a pro-abortion female’s limited license to kill. They prefer that you keep your opinions about their legally sanctioned moral depravity to yourself.

  6. jjf

    What are these women thinking, that they can control their own bodies?

  7. Mar

    “What are these women thinking, that they can control their own bodies?”
    What juvenile thinking, but at least can you come up with something other than a useless talking point that has been used for decades?
    The government doesn’t give people choices in many areas. There are illegally drugs, prostitution,(except in Nevada) criminal acts, who can purchase guns, booze and spray paint and the list goes on.
    When there is a life inside a mother, and there is no doubt that it is a life, no the woman loses some rights.
    Does some of the bills go to far? Perhaps. But it is no more extreme than the liberal view of abortion.

  8. dad29

    The woman does not “lose rights.”  The baby HAS rights.

  9. jjf

    Does a fertilized egg have rights?

    Does any clump of living cells have rights?  What if they’re heart cells and they’re beating?  What if they’re stems cells that could become anything?

    If a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, and she can’t abort, is the government forcing her to have the child?  Forcing her to go through the process of giving up the child?  Forcing her to raise it?  Does the rapist have any claim over the child?   Custody, child care, a claim to take it instead of giving it up for adoption?

  10. Pat

    Who, and how is this going to be enforced? Will women have to register their pregnancies with the government? As 25% of pregnancies are miscarried, will there be an agency to investigate the miscarriage? What kind of prison time will there be for men and women who violate the law?

  11. Kevin Scheunemann

    What an evil candidate.

    In the old days candidates use to be ashamed to suport racist baby murdering.

    Now, Democrats wear their evil with demonic pride.

  12. Pat

    Will there be a cabinet level position to oversee the government agency that will inspect uteruses to assure women are following the law, and prosecute those that break the law?

  13. Pat

    When your daughters start menstruating will you need to register them with the government so their periods can be tracked to assure compliance with the law?

  14. Pat

    What jail time would there be for parents whose 13 year old becomes pregnant and they decide for her to have an abortion?

  15. Pat

    Is a doctor required to report a woman who has had a back alley abortion, which results in her needing to go to the hospital for medical attention, to the law enforcement agency so she can be arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned?

  16. MjM

    Patsy pukes: “…so she can be arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned?”

    Please cite the law you are complaining (read: once again lying) about.

  17. Pat

    Major Moron croaks, “Please cite the law you are complaining (read: once again lying) about.”

    Doctors aren’t required yet. But I’m sure it’s coming once abortion is illegal.

  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    None of the laws punish the person getting the abortion, only the murderer performing the abortion.

    Get out of here with your dishonest argument.

  19. Pat


    But isn’t the woman the one who is soliciting murder? What if she aborts on her own?

  20. Merlin

    So far all challenges to Roe v Wade have gone down in flames. What drives this hair on fire assumption that the current round of fetal homicide laws will survive?

  21. Pat


    What makes you think the law won’t change? I mean, that is the goal, isn’t it?

  22. Kevin Scheunemann


    A “self abortion” would be a murderer performing an abortion in my view.

    Will you do anything to justify disproportionate racist baby killing?

  23. jjf

    There goes Kevin again.  Does anyone else here agree with him about racist motivations?

  24. Pat


    What is the goal, and how do you want it enforced so all women are compliant with that goal?

  25. Merlin

    Since 1973. Killing inconvenient fetal life has been celebrated legal precedent  for 46 years already. New York state recently celebrated legalizing the killing of botched abortion babies born alive. Doesn’t look to me like fetal homicide is going to be outlawed anytime soon.

  26. MHMaley

    Better to fix the issue from the male side .
    Government sponsored vasectomies for any male capable of impregnating a woman .

    Vasectomies reversed when they can legally commit to support the child .

    Problem solved and males get the government treatment espoused by the moralists who know exactly what women should do with their bodies .

  27. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just like any murder laws are enforced.

    We arrest the culprit and put them aways.

    What is so hard?


  28. Kevin Scheunemann


    Facts don’t care about your feelings.

    11% of U.S. population is African American.

    A full 1/3 of all abortions are African American.   Abortion kills a disproportionate amount of black babies.

    If you support disproportionate black baby killing, that makes you the most heinous racist.   Unfortunately, that is what most liberals are.


  29. Pat

    African American women choosing to terminate their pregnancies are being called racist by a white guy from Kewaskum. Hmmmm.

  30. Pat

    26% of African American women, and 38% of African American children live in poverty. I wonder if this has any impact for the fact that 1/3 of pregnancy terminations are chosen by African American women?

  31. dad29

    If you support disproportionate black baby killing,

    Isn’t “disproportionate imprisonment” of black criminals racist, Jiffy?

    Patsy-Orie-Orie-Ay is still playing lawyer–without a foundation in moral law.

    And little Jiffy thinks that before birth, it’s not a human, it’s a Buick.

    Maley shows up to reduce the combox IQ by 30 points.


  32. Pat


    What punishment should be given to all these African American women who choose to terminate their pregnancies?

  33. Pat

    And Dud just spouts off with nonsensical gibberish. But what else is new?

  34. MHMaley

    Harris asked our AG if there were any laws that allowed the government to make decisions about the male body .
    His response , after fumbling was “I don’t know “

    Amazing how these dopes who hate government intervention in their lives have no problem supporting the Georgia law which will hunt down a Georgia woman who has a legal Abortion in another state .

    Congrats to the Alabama DA’s who came out and said they will not prosecute any women under the law .

    So much for the self proclaimed high IQ crowd .

  35. Kevin Scheunemann


    Already said, I support existing proposals that punish the baby killers, most of whom carry out Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood White Supremest dream.

    I’m against vile racist baby killing, why aren’t you?

  36. Kevin Scheunemann


    I find it reprehensible that an economic class should be killed because they might be poor.

    It is a vile, without a hint of redemption, argument.

  37. jjf

    Careful, Kevin might start thinking about why blacks are disproportionately poor.

    Or why someone who realizes they can’t afford a child, would decide not to have one.

    Come on, someone please tell me if there’s a soul in a fertilized egg!

  38. Kevin Scheunemann

    There you are, continuing the vile, baby murder advocacy.

    Very reprehensible.

  39. Pat


    African American women choosing to terminate their pregnancy are racist against themselves? That makes absolutely no sense.

  40. MjM

    Patsy blubbers: “Doctors aren’t required yet. But I’m sure it’s coming once abortion is illegal.”

    Speaking of nonsensical gibberish….

    Perhaps you and m-m-Malarkey ought to actually read the the statute you are lying about. But that would be asking too much.

  41. Pat


    Are you saying that there isn’t a movement to change the laws regarding abortion?

  42. MjM

    Patsy sidetracks (attempted): “Are you saying that ….”

    … you are ignorant of the very laws that you are scream-lying about? Why, yes. Yes, I am. Obviousness in supernova.

    And you should know by now that your sad proclivity to put your words into others’ mouths does not work with me.

  43. Kevin Scheunemann


    Standing by as the immoral, indifferent, German-like civilian, while the camp guards and collaborators usher innocent babies into the death chamber makes you racist….and immoral by your failure to oppose the heinous baby killing acts.

  44. jjf

    Come on, Kevin, tell me when the egg and the sperm become a baby with rights of its own.

  45. Pat

    Nice try, Moron. I asked you a question, which is a far cry from putting anything in your mouth, as much as you’d like.

  46. Pat

    Kevin says, “Standing by as the immoral, indifferent, German-like civilian, while the camp guards and collaborators usher innocent babies into the death chamber makes you racist”

    Who are the camp guards? The women who make the personal choice to terminate their pregnancies? Or are they the collaborators?

    Again, what is the end goal? Preventing women from terminating their pregnancies, or making it illegal for a women to terminate a pregnancy?

  47. jjf

    Yes, Dad29, I think there are racist components to policing, convictions, sentences, and incarceration.

    Do you?  If so, who’s driving it, and to what ends?

    If not, how do you explain the disparities?

  48. Kevin Scheunemann


    End goal is preventing the killing of babies, which tend to disproportionately minority.

    I can’t believe you do not support denouncing the heinous racism.

    It’s shocking.

  49. Pat

    Kevin said, “End goal is preventing the killing of babies”

    And by what means will that take place?

  50. jjf

    Kevin, these laws want to prevent access to abortion.

    These laws don’t really seem to be about reducing the demand for abortions, right?

    Otherwise we’d have more programs to give better access to birth control.

    What about killing women, by forcing them to roll the dice by giving birth?  No risk there, hmm?  No greater risks of infant mortality in some populations, right?

  51. dad29

    Since Jiffy thinks that a sperm/ovum combo is a Buick, he’ll be happy to change the subject to “incarceration.”  He can’t answer the question posed by Kevin, but he knows for SURE that criminals are unfairly prosecuted.

    The good news, Patsy, is that there are only 11.50 years left on the AOC time-clock, so we won’t have time to put all the doctors, women, and facilitators into prison.

    But maybe there’ll be time to shoot all of them!

  52. MHMaley

    At least be consistent and demand that the Mothers be killed right along with the baby .

    They contracted for the “baby Killing “ in the first place .

    Then sell that to the public .

    I’ll wait .

  53. jjf

    Dad29, what’s that called when you make an assumption and then run with it?  Sperm, ovum, Buick?  Fertilized egg?  When does it become magic for you?

    Which of Kevin’s questions are you talking about?  Racist baby killing?

  54. Pat

    “But maybe there’ll be time to shoot all of them.”

    And I’m sure you’ll lead the charge with your guns a blazin.

  55. Kevin Scheunemann


    By punishing the abortionist….what is so hard to understand?


  56. jjf

    Killing in the name of the Lord!

    Buy more ammo!

    Who Would Jesus Shoot First?

  57. Pat


    But what about the mother who solicited the murder of their child? Does a mother get the same pass from you after the child has been born? Is the unborn a lesser human being than the born?

  58. jjf

    Pat, are you asking if Dad29 and Kevin want to punish the pregnant woman, too?

    Careful, Dad29 might ask you a question, and then be surprised when you answer it, and accuse you of changing the subject.

  59. Kevin Scheunemann


    You put abortionist killers out of business, moms will not be able to find the contracted killer.


  60. Pat


    First, you didn’t answer the question.

    Second, I was alive long before Roe v Wade, and women still terminated their pregnancies. What makes you think making it unavailable in a clinic setting will make women not terminate?

  61. jjf

    Kevin, do you have any historical evidence that your “out of business” proposal ever worked?  Or that it’ll work in today’s world?

  62. Kevin Scheunemann


    A lot less babies will be terminated if illegal.   Prosecute those performing abortion against the law.  simple.


    Yes. Germany 1945.  As the death camps were liberated, the murders stopped, because we put the murderers out of business.   Clear enough example for you?

  63. dad29

    What makes you think making it unavailable in a clinic setting will make women not terminate?

    The very same magical thinking that the gun-grabbers use!!  Make gun ownership illegal and there will be no more gun violence!

    At your age, you should have wisdom.  Apparently that train left the station without you, just like Jiffy and “Nuts Off!!” Maley.

  64. Pat


    First, you still didn’t answer the question.
    Second, the abortion rate is dropping and is currently what it was when RvW was passed.

    The 1945 death camps were liberated with the force of a massive army with powerful weapons, the support of the majority of Americans, and the deaths of the oppressors. I’m not attempting to put words in your mouth but, are you advocating the utilization of the same force taken from 1941-1945?

    Dud, you hit the nail on the head. Making abortion illegal will have the same effect as making guns illegal. I’m glad to see you agree with me! Your train just arrived.

  65. Kevin Scheunemann


    The same military force is not needed, just the pen of the legislatures.

    Glad to see you admit the victims of the death camps and the liberal dehuminization of the pre-born exist in America.

    Let’s shut them down.

  66. Pat


    First, you still haven’t answered the question.
    Second, Your allegation that I admitted anything close to what you’ve stated is delusionally preposterous.

  67. MHMaley

    The bills are unforced errors on the part of the Pro Life movement

    Rather than debate the issue , it would be wise to just bullet point the actions taken against women by the government and run on it along with health care in 2020 .

    Here’s a bet that the SC passes on taking the cases .

  68. Kevin Scheunemann

    Stopping baby killers is an “unforced error”?


    How below the gutter, in terms of basic morality can liberalism stoop?

    I can see why you would not want to debate the issue, being “pro baby killer”.

  69. Pat


    Do you consider the mother’s, who go to a doctor to have their pregnancy terminated, guilty of soliciting murder, and in doing so just as guilty of murder?

  70. jjf

    Reaching to Nazis?  You think that situation is similar?  Kevin, how did abortions happen in the USA before Roe v. Wade?

  71. Kevin Scheunemann

    Why do both of you resist denouncing child murder on any level here?

    This all comes down to whether we have a right to life or not?

    If you declare a certain class “sub human”, or unworthy of the right to life, that makes you reprehensible.

    There was a time where society could agree baby murder is a bad thing.

    Just shows how morally corrupt our society has become.

  72. Pat


    Why are you unable to answer simple questions?

  73. Mar

    Pat, society has determined that a woman seeking an abortion should not be charged for getting an abortion.
    Now answer this: Is there a point where an abortion would be immoral? At any point? How about the Feingold/Obama standard, that if a baby is born during an abortion and lives, that the Mom still has the right to have the child killed?

  74. Pat

    Mar says, “society has determined that a woman seeking an abortion should not be charged for getting an abortion.”

    And the majority of the society believes that the abortion laws should be left as is.

  75. Pat

    “Now answer this: Is there a point where an abortion would be immoral?”

    I would think a forced abortion performed on a women against her will would be immoral.

  76. jjf

    Kevin, does a woman have a right to make her own medical decisions about her own body?

  77. dad29

    Jiffy still thinks the human being growing in the uterus is a Buick, I see.  And since it’s a Buick, only the maternal body counts.

    Not a Ram truck.  Nope.  A Buick.  That’s science, you see?

  78. jjf

    Still, the embryo is silent on the matter.

    Buicks?  You’re still in God-did-it mode, right?  Why worry about make-and-model when you have blanket interpretations made by Man based on centuries of reinterpretation of Bronze Age books?

    Buicks.  Nuance?  You want nuance?  I keep asking questions about nuance and no one nibbles.  Come on, tell me when does the sperm and egg become magically a baby for you?  Should the raped be forced to accept the risks of pregnancy and childbirth?

  79. dad29

    the embryo

    Is that a HUMAN embryo, Jiff-a-Wiff?

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