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2057, 06 Apr 21

Buttigieg’s Fake Ride


The Secretary of Transportation, 39, was seen arriving at the building on his bike Thursday to attend a Cabinet meeting with Joe Biden. It appeared the politician had cycled in from his office at the Department of Transportation three miles away.


However, footage from WFMZ-TV  quickly went viral after it purportedly showed Buttigieg’s security detail unloading the bike from the back of a ‘gas guzzling’ SUV just blocks back from the White House.




The Department of Transportation told The New York Post that Buttigeg ‘rode his bike to the White House cabinet meeting’.


They did not say whether the bike ride began at Buttigieg’s office, which is located in the DOT building three miles away.


However, they did claim that he rode the entirety of the way back.


2057, 06 April 2021


  1. MjM

    “…he rode the entirety of the way back.”

    What they didn’t say: followed by the same two Chevy Suburbans getting great gas milage at 8 miles an hour.

    And did they mention that Petey Butthead lied his butt off last Sunday when he told Meet the Depressed that the $2.3 trillion Babblin’ Joe “infrastructure” plan would create 19 million new jobs?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    Fake liberal environmentalists.

  3. Merlin

    Pretty sure his only concern here was to execute the posing without breaking a sweat before the cabinet meeting. Can’t have old Joe disappointed by a sweaty head sniff.

  4. Mar

    Kind of like Jimmy Carter carrying his suitcases that were empty.
    And Bill Clinton not having sex with that woman and I didn’t inhale.
    Ahh, the good old days.

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