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NYC Mayor Chastises BLM

Dare we hope that New York’s new Mayor means what he says? Watch what he does… not what he says.

A bloody night across the city left two dead and another ten shot, all of whom were black, in a wave of gun violence across the five boroughs.


‘Where are all those who stated “Black Lives Matter'”? the city’s second black mayor asked, speaking Wednesday on NY1 with Ruschell Boone.


Adams’ frustrated comments appeared to be an attack on progressives who have criticized his policies.


He added that those who protested police brutality in 2020 should do the same for the violence currently afflicting the city.


‘If black lives matter, then the thousand of people I saw on the street when Floyd was murdered should be on the street right now.’


The former police captain continued, ‘The lives of these black children that are dying every night matter. We can’t be hypocrites.’

One Citizen. One Vote? Not in NYC

Wow. While we lavish immigrants – illegal or not – with taxpayer-funded benefits, we used to all agree that one needed to be a citizen in order to legally vote. If there is one thing that distinguishes a citizen from a non-citizen, it is that citizens decided on who will lead our government. Not anymore… does being an American citizen really mean anything anymore?

Eric Adams supports legislation that will allow 800,000 non-citizens to vote in municipal elections in New York City as early as next year.


So-called ‘Dreamers’ will have access to the ballot box after the new mayor of New York City allowed the bill to automatically become law on Sunday.


Opponents have vowed to challenge the new law, which the City Council approved a month ago – but unless a judge halts its implementation, New York City is the first major U.S. city to grant widespread municipal voting rights to non-citizens.



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