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2031, 09 Jan 22

One Citizen. One Vote? Not in NYC

Wow. While we lavish immigrants – illegal or not – with taxpayer-funded benefits, we used to all agree that one needed to be a citizen in order to legally vote. If there is one thing that distinguishes a citizen from a non-citizen, it is that citizens decided on who will lead our government. Not anymore… does being an American citizen really mean anything anymore?

Eric Adams supports legislation that will allow 800,000 non-citizens to vote in municipal elections in New York City as early as next year.


So-called ‘Dreamers’ will have access to the ballot box after the new mayor of New York City allowed the bill to automatically become law on Sunday.


Opponents have vowed to challenge the new law, which the City Council approved a month ago – but unless a judge halts its implementation, New York City is the first major U.S. city to grant widespread municipal voting rights to non-citizens.


2031, 09 January 2022


  1. Jason

    Do you mean the same Eric Adams that just appointed his very own brother to be the Deputy Commissioner of the NYPD? The brother who’s most recent job was “Assistant Director of Parking” @ Virginia Commonwealth University?

    I don’t think Eric Adams will be in his role very long.

  2. Tuerqas

    Have there been minor cities that have granted voting rights to illegals?

    I disagree Jason. He is granting rights that favor the majority of NYC political leaders. Who is going to oust him?

  3. ThreeJanz

    How will they ensure only citizens vote in Federal elections?

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