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Randy Bryce Runs to Mommy Because His Brother Was Mean to Him

How funny. The Randy Bryce campaign felt a need to pull his mommy into the race because his brother isn’t supporting him. These are grown ass men. It undermines Randy’s “tough iron worker” persona.

The race for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s seat turned personal this week when the Democratic candidate’s mother denounced an attack ad against her son — featuring his own brother.

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a PAC closely aligned with Ryan, announced earlier this week it was launching a $1.5 million television ad campaign against Randy Bryce, the Democrat running for the seat Ryan has held for 10 terms. (Ryan is retiring at the end of the year.) One of those ads features Bryce’s brother, James, a Milwaukee police officer, attacking the candidate for not supporting law enforcement and endorsing his bother’s Republican opponent, Bryan Steil.

On Wednesday morning, the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal published excerpts from a letter from Nancy Bryce, Randy and James’s mother, that was given to them by the Bryce campaign. Yahoo News has obtained a copy of the letter.

“I’m used to my sons getting into disagreements with each other — every mom is. And I understand that my boys see the world differently when it comes to politics,” Nancy Bryce wrote. “There is now a group of people from Washington who consider it a good idea to pit my boys against each other for their own political gain. But they didn’t consider a mother’s pain at seeing her children used as tools in a political fight, splashed with millions of dollars of ads across the airwaves.”

On Jay Weber’s show this morning, James Bryce called in and said that he spoke to his mother. James Bryce said that the Randy Bryce campaign likely wrote the letter and took advantage of his mom. I don’t know how old she is, but as I said… Randy and James are both grown ass men.

Randy Bryce Accused of Paying Personal Debt with Campaign Funds

Would this really surprise anyone if it’s true? The Democrat’s designated “every man” has a lot of issues.

Cathy Myers has filed a complaint with the FEC against 1st CD Dem primary opponent Randy Bryce, alleging the ironworker used some $7,700 in campaign contributions to cover personal legal fees and satisfy a decade-old debt.

Bryce’s campaign didn’t comment on the issues outlined in the complaint, saying in a statement the focus is “on talking to voters about the issues in Southeast Wisconsin.”

The complaint comes after a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report this week shows Milwaukee-based law firm Halling & Cayo paid $4,246 to Bryce’s ex-girlfriend, Rhonda Slechta, after Bryce borrowed nearly $2,000 from her back in 2002 to buy a used car from a neighbor. Slechta later took the issue to small claims court, and when Bryce didn’t show up, was granted a default judgement in 2004.

Jeremy Levinson, an attorney with Halling & Cayo, delivered the check to Slechta in November, according to the report. Bryce’s campaign then paid the firm $7,704. on Jan. 30.

Pocan Invites Deadbeat Dad as Guest to SOTU

Sensenbrenner is not pleased.

BROOKFIELD – After Congressman Mark Pocan tweeted that Paul Ryan challenger Randy Bryce would be his guest at President Trump’s State of the Union Address, fellow Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner had a bit to say.

Bryce is one of the Democrat challengers to House Speaker Paul Ryan. Sensenbrenner found this gesture to be an offense way for Pocan to make a political point.

In a press release Sensenbrenner called the move “a disheartening attempt to cash in on Speaker Paul Ryan’s prominent role in American government.”

He went on to say, “This is an attempt to sow political discourse and deepen a divide in an already fractured political environment. Creating a spectacle like this – regardless of position or party – is disrespectful and out of bounds. Worse, Mr. Bryce is using it as a tool to actively raise campaign funds.”



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