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0755, 20 Sep 18

Randy Bryce Runs to Mommy Because His Brother Was Mean to Him

How funny. The Randy Bryce campaign felt a need to pull his mommy into the race because his brother isn’t supporting him. These are grown ass men. It undermines Randy’s “tough iron worker” persona.

The race for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s seat turned personal this week when the Democratic candidate’s mother denounced an attack ad against her son — featuring his own brother.

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a PAC closely aligned with Ryan, announced earlier this week it was launching a $1.5 million television ad campaign against Randy Bryce, the Democrat running for the seat Ryan has held for 10 terms. (Ryan is retiring at the end of the year.) One of those ads features Bryce’s brother, James, a Milwaukee police officer, attacking the candidate for not supporting law enforcement and endorsing his bother’s Republican opponent, Bryan Steil.

On Wednesday morning, the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal published excerpts from a letter from Nancy Bryce, Randy and James’s mother, that was given to them by the Bryce campaign. Yahoo News has obtained a copy of the letter.

“I’m used to my sons getting into disagreements with each other — every mom is. And I understand that my boys see the world differently when it comes to politics,” Nancy Bryce wrote. “There is now a group of people from Washington who consider it a good idea to pit my boys against each other for their own political gain. But they didn’t consider a mother’s pain at seeing her children used as tools in a political fight, splashed with millions of dollars of ads across the airwaves.”

On Jay Weber’s show this morning, James Bryce called in and said that he spoke to his mother. James Bryce said that the Randy Bryce campaign likely wrote the letter and took advantage of his mom. I don’t know how old she is, but as I said… Randy and James are both grown ass men.


0755, 20 September 2018


  1. Jason

    > but as I said… Randy and James are both grown ass men.

    And yet, they both act otherwise.

  2. jjf

    The family values party, amiright?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    If I had Randy Bryce as a brother, I would be correcting his myraid of his run ins with the law, lack of child support payments, and his vitriol and lack of support of law enforcement too!

    Shame on mom for not supporting the son trying to assert some correction with her other son, who is not exactly an example of a good citizen.   She is enabling Randy’s bad behavior.    Randy should pay a consequence for his past bad behavior, which seems constant and ongoing.

  4. jjf

    Why was it important for Steil to run to use Bryce’s brother?  Couldn’t some other person make the same arguments?

  5. Merlin

    IronStache, eh? Adult men hiding behind their mama’s skirt should probably result in the automatic revocation of their man card.

  6. jjf

    Because men are on top, right Merlin?  Women below them?

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    It has more impact coming from an immediate relative.

  8. jjf

    This morning Scott Bauer of the AP said he called Bryce’s mother, who broke down crying on the phone, and said “I really don’t want to talk about it. I really can’t. I just can’t talk about it. Right now, I don’t feel that I can” and “The letter is mine and the words are mine.”

  9. Merlin

    I wonder if Mama Bryce has shed many tears over the $6.25 million dollars that has flowed through Randy’s campaign coffers… of which only $183,000 sourced from the state of Wisconsin. A campaign to which Randy has contributed a whopping $5 of his own money. Seems as though out of state political influence has been pretty good to Randy Bryce so far.

  10. Jason

    Im not understanding why you posted that quote, jjf? How does it fit?

  11. jjf

    Just more pieces of the puzzle, Jason.  We don’t really know who called who and who ran to who, do we?

    Merlin, can you tell us about Steil’s money and ad support?

  12. Merlin

    Steil has raised $750,000 ($416,000 is Wisconsin sourced) and has $631,000 cash on hand.

    FEC has no support/opposition spending data available for Steil.


  13. Merlin

    Bryce’s out-state sourcing is 97% and has a rather impressive Hollywood component earmarked through ActBlue. He’s blown through $4.6 million so far and has $1.6 million on hand.

  14. MjM

    The Wizard sez:  A campaign to which Randy has contributed a whopping $5 of his own money.

    Well,  ‘prolly all he had left after finally paying off his 13-year old debt and back-child support.

    Oh, wait.  His out-state money machine paid those…

  15. Jason

    >Just more pieces of the puzzle, Jason.  We don’t really know who called who and who ran to who, do we?

    So, I was right… it doesn’t fit at all… unless one is blinded by their political biases.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann

    Bryce had all his awful Hollywood buddies do a fundraiser. Marxist Sean Penn who openly embraces the Marxist thug and dictator of Venezuela. Then there was Chelsea Handler we know what kind of perverted, treasonous endorsing piece of work she is.

    And liberals, when called out on this, try to disconnect themselves from this? Hardly, they openly embrace their perversion of humanity in the Bryce campaign!

    It is very disgusting.

  17. Le Roi du Nord


    You are kinda hung up on perversion lately.

  18. Kevin Scheunemann

    Because I can’t stand the open embrace of perversion by liberals, while at the same time liberals are pretending to be moral beings over the Kavanaugh hearings.

    It’s a hypocritical cesspool of disgust that is bottomles.


  19. Le Roi du Nord

    You are entitled to you opinion.  And I will respectfully disagree.  See, I didn’t even call you names.

  20. Kevin Scheunemann


    Feeding the cesspool of ridiculous allegations at this hearing still makes you a certain “l” word.

    Glad we got to the truth of the matter.

    I’m curious, do you support the intersectional tribalism of liberals where the most absurd allegations only convict conservatives?

    If one is liberal then we excuse the most heinous criminal sexual activity like Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Anthony Weiner, Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, Gay pedophile Kevin Spacey, woman beater Keith Ellison, etc?

    Why do these victims not get same deference from Feinstein?

  21. Le Roi du Nord


    Looks like you are on the wrong thread.  How does this all fit in with the Bryce family dynamics?

  22. Kevin Scheunemann

    Bryce is someone who has done way worse in his life than Kavanaugh, yet liberals worship him and raise huge money for him.

    Should Kavanaugh just pledge his allegiance to kill unborn babies, will that make it all better?

    I think it would, which is double disgusting.

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