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0655, 30 Jan 18

Pocan Invites Deadbeat Dad as Guest to SOTU

Sensenbrenner is not pleased.

BROOKFIELD – After Congressman Mark Pocan tweeted that Paul Ryan challenger Randy Bryce would be his guest at President Trump’s State of the Union Address, fellow Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner had a bit to say.

Bryce is one of the Democrat challengers to House Speaker Paul Ryan. Sensenbrenner found this gesture to be an offense way for Pocan to make a political point.

In a press release Sensenbrenner called the move “a disheartening attempt to cash in on Speaker Paul Ryan’s prominent role in American government.”

He went on to say, “This is an attempt to sow political discourse and deepen a divide in an already fractured political environment. Creating a spectacle like this – regardless of position or party – is disrespectful and out of bounds. Worse, Mr. Bryce is using it as a tool to actively raise campaign funds.”


0655, 30 January 2018

1 Comment

  1. dad29

    sow political discourse

    Is Sensen’s office THAT stupid or illiterate (or both)?

    The word is DISCORD, not “discourse.”  Sheesh.

    I’ve noticed more and more “wrong word” homonyms in news stories and in press releases from corporations and politicians.  “Bare” for “bear”, “reign” for “rein”….etc.  Apparently facility with English is no longer a requirement for a College Degree–or employment.

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