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Jeb Bush Calls for Constitutional Convention

I agree.

Americans, by wide majorities, agree that Washington is broken, so let’s send power back to the people and back to the states. Republicans should support convening a constitutional convention to pass term limits, a balanced-budget amendment and restraints on the Commerce Clause, which has given the federal government far more regulatory power than the Founders intended.

The federal government has become too unwieldy, too powerful and too distant—precisely the problem that the Constitution was designed to avoid. The breakdown of our constitutional system isn’t a theoretical discussion. It’s affecting every American in real ways. Republicans’ job is to make a compelling case for change and then help citizens regain power over their lives, from the bottom up.

A Constitutional Convention is a risky venture because once we open up the document for wholesale revision, it is unlikely that the convention will restrain itself to only modifying the things on Bush’s list. But frankly, the courts have “interpreted” parts of the Constitution unrecognizable from its original intent. A convention is the only way to wrench it back into a recognizable form.

Jeb Bush Drops Out


(CNN)Jeb Bush is suspending his campaign for the Republican nomination, he announced Saturday night.

He needed to drop out. He wasn’t going to win. Perhaps if he were the first Bush son to run, he would have had a chance. Let’s hope some others follow his lead.

Jeb Bush Releases Tax Plan

You can read the whole thing here. There’s a lot to like in it. And the whole thing is very achievable. Greg Mankiw’s has a good list of the good parts:

  1. It lowers the top rate on personal income to 28 percent, the same rate as the bipartisan 1986 tax reform.
  2. It broadens the base by capping the use of itemized deductions.
  3. It eliminates the deductibility of state and local taxes, so low-tax states and towns no longer subsidize high-tax ones.
  4. It maintains the deductibility of charitable giving, encouraging private solutions to social problems.
  5. It reforms the tax treatment of secondary earners and seniors, who are more responsive to tax incentives than primary earners.
  6. It eliminates the stealth marginal tax rates from PEP and Pease.
  7. It eliminates the estate tax, so the tax system no longer penalizes those who want to help their children and grandchildren.
  8. It lowers the corporate tax rate to be close to international norms.
  9. It moves from a global to a territorial tax system, like most other nations have.
  10. It eliminates the deductibility of interest expenses, putting debt finance and equity finance on a more level planning field.
  11. It includes full expensing of investment expenditure, moving the system toward a consumption-based tax.
  12. It expands the earned income tax credit for childless taxpayers, strengthening the social safety net.

Hispanic by Marriage

That’s just funny.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush once indicated he was Hispanic on a voter registration form in that state, but the likely 2016 Republican presidential contender says it was unintentional.

In a 2009 voter-registration application obtained by The New York Times from the Miami-Dade County Elections Department, Bush marked a circle next to “Hispanic” in the field labeled “race/ethnicity.” The next circle, “White, not Hispanic,” was not checked.

“It’s unclear where the paperwork error was made,” replied a Bush representative in an email to Yahoo News. “The governor’s family certainly got a good laugh out of it. He is not Hispanic.”

Not going to lie… I’m pretty sure I have marked myself down as Native American from time to time. First, because I was born in America and am a native. Second, because I hate the incessant need to categorize all of us. I’ve never tried Hispanic before… maybe I could be one of those White Hispanics.



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