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Union Thug Cyber-Stalks Wigderson’s Kid

That’s just creepy and unstable behavior. What kind of “teacher” goes after someone’s kid just because she doesn’t like his opinions?

Just when you thought the Left couldn’t get any lower, they can. A self-described “union thug” reached out to RightWisconsin Editor James Wigderson’s minor daughter to criticize him and her school on social media.

Angela Schissler Goodwin, a Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) school teacher who also describes herself as a “MKE liberal,” tracked down Wigderson’s daughter on Facebook and sent her a unsolicited message about her father.

“We are offended by what was said about MPS. We are an MPS family and those insults are reckless generalizations,” Goodwin wrote to James Wigderson’s daughter. “I can’t imagine why he has such mean ideas about a group of people.”

The pronoun “he” makes it clear that Goodwin knew she was contacting James Wigderson’s daughter, not James Wigderson himself. Goodwin is not a Facebook friend of James Wigderson’s daughter and would have had to specifically search her out online.

James Wigderson’s contact information is also available online.

In Goodwin’s Facebook intro, she describes herself: “Wifey, mom, daughter, sister, union thug public school teacher, recovering Catholic, MKE 414 Liberal.”

David Craig Makes First Campaign Promise

Good to see! From Wiggy.

In an email to me this morning, State Rep Dave Craig, who announced rather quickly he is running for state senate to replace Mary Lazich, made his first promise of the campaign:

“I pledge to work beside Senator Vukmir to repeal the minimum markup law in the Senate. It is hard enough providing for six kids without government setting price floors which hurts my family and families around Wisconsin. That bad law needs to be repealed.”

Walker Should Endorse Cruz Now

I agree with Wiggy, for all of the reasons he states.

It’s time for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to endorse Texas Senator Ted Cruz. When Walker withdrew from the presidential campaign trail, he called on other Republicans to consider dropping out to unite the anti-Trump forces around one candidate. His advice was ignored then and Donald Trump has built a delegate lead while the field sorted itself out.
There are only two Republican challengers to Trump remaining now, and only one of them, Cruz, has a chance of winning the nomination outright. Strong showings by Cruz can also prevent Trump from getting the necessary 1237 delegates needed to have a majority before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
And I’ll add a reason. Walker’s popularity is down within the Conservative base in Wisconsin after his flirting with the ethanol lobby in Iowa and disappearing during last year’s bruising political fights in Wisconsin. If he stands aside now and lets Trump win Wisconsin unchallenged while failing to support the solid conservative candidate in the race (Cruz), Walker will struggle to regain his stature with the base of supporters he will need to win reelection in 2018. Walker needs to stand up and earn his self-selected “unintimidated” moniker, or forever lose it.
This should be an easy call for Walker.

Bill Allowing County Sales Tax Increase Moves Ahead

James Wigderson opines over at MacIver.

A proposal to allow counties to raise taxes 0.5 percent to pay for road costs is on the highway to passage by the Assembly this week. After cruising through the Assembly transportation committee on a bipartisan 14-0 vote, the bill is scheduled to be considered by the full Assembly on February 9.

The bill, Assembly Bill 210 (AB 210), would allow counties to ask voters in a referendum for a 0.5% sales tax that can only be used for road costs. Using a formula that takes into account road miles and population, the counties would distribute aid to municipalities while keeping some for county road projects. Counties would be required to hold referendums every four years to renew the tax.


The proposed plan to allow increases in the sales tax county-by-county may have the noble purpose of solving part of the state’s transportation funding problems. But the road to tax hell is paved with good intentions. The bill’s many flaws should cause the legislature to scrap the increased sales tax idea and look for a long term solution to the state’s transportation funding and expenditures.

Go read the whole thing. He’s spot on. It is also worth noting that Wisconsin’s legislative Republicans have found time to legalize switchblades, approve blaze pink for hunting, and push ahead another way to raise taxes, but can’t seem to repeal the minimum markup law. Curious, no?


Looking for Leadership

James Wigderson has a good column this week about what Walker said in his State of the State speech… and what he didn’t say. Read the whole thing, but he concludes:

Tuesday night was a missed chance for the governor to express his vision for the state. Instead, Walker asked the public to give him ideas of what they want to see by 2020. But isn’t that why we elect leaders, to share their vision with us? Walker is home from the presidential campaign. It’s time for him to inspire Wisconsinites to support him and his policy goals, not to lead us from behind

That Word You Keep Using…

Wiggy has a point.

For giggles, I watched on Wisconsin Eye the “debate” in the state Assembly from Wednesday night about the campaign finance reform law changes. By now everyone is aware the Democrats took turns claiming they were recusing themselves. However, if they were seriously recusing themselves, they shouldn’t have spoken against the bill, yet several of them took the opportunity to do just that. For example, state Rep Robb Kahl compared the indexing of the campaign contribution limits to indexing the gas tax. And then there was State Rep La Tonya Johnson, who demonstrated the decorum and maturity of the Democratic side of the aisle when she complained multiple times the bill and other forthcoming bills “suck.”




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