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1217, 19 Mar 16

Walker Should Endorse Cruz Now

I agree with Wiggy, for all of the reasons he states.

It’s time for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to endorse Texas Senator Ted Cruz. When Walker withdrew from the presidential campaign trail, he called on other Republicans to consider dropping out to unite the anti-Trump forces around one candidate. His advice was ignored then and Donald Trump has built a delegate lead while the field sorted itself out.
There are only two Republican challengers to Trump remaining now, and only one of them, Cruz, has a chance of winning the nomination outright. Strong showings by Cruz can also prevent Trump from getting the necessary 1237 delegates needed to have a majority before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
And I’ll add a reason. Walker’s popularity is down within the Conservative base in Wisconsin after his flirting with the ethanol lobby in Iowa and disappearing during last year’s bruising political fights in Wisconsin. If he stands aside now and lets Trump win Wisconsin unchallenged while failing to support the solid conservative candidate in the race (Cruz), Walker will struggle to regain his stature with the base of supporters he will need to win reelection in 2018. Walker needs to stand up and earn his self-selected “unintimidated” moniker, or forever lose it.
This should be an easy call for Walker.

1217, 19 March 2016

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  1. dad29

    after his flirting with the ethanol lobby in Iowa

    Not to mention his roll-over-play-dead after Obergefell. Contrast that to the Alabama SC.

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