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Menstrual Leave

Here’s the next front in the “War on Women.”

Menstrual leave, a policy that affords women suffering extreme period pain one or two days off work, already exists in several countries around the world, but has been widely criticised as counterproductive, often reinforcing negative stereotypes of female workers.

A large number of workers worldwide experience regular disruptive pain, but stigma can prevent problems being addressed (Credit: Getty Images)

In some Asian countries, including Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea and certain Chinese provinces, women are allowed to stay home for a designated part of their monthly periods. Few take advantage of it, though, many citing fear of sexual harassment or perceptions of weakness.

And when the Italian parliament considered introducing national period leave in March, many wondered whether eligibility for three paid days a month off risked discouraging employers from hiring women in the first place.

Here’s how this will go down… liberals will demand that employers offer menstrual leave. Then they will accuse anyone who opposes this of being sexist and misogynist. Then they will cite this issue to raise money to help elect Democrats. Rinse. Repeat.

This is in the fringe now. I give it about 10 to 14 months before it becomes an issue – right around election time.


War On Women Suffers Mortal Blow


With Fluke’s loss, the Democrats’ “war on women” narrative takes another heavy blow. Fluke ran for office based on her fame gained from the creation of that political argument, as did Wendy Davis in Texas. Neither woman won her respective race.

The narrative also failed as a campaign tactic, as Sen. Mark Udall — who focused his entire campaign on birth control and so-called women’s issues — lost re-election to Republican Rep. Cory Gardner.

This should be a lesson for Democrats come 2016.

It should…



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