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Rubino Objects to Tax Bill


Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fl., tells ABC News that he is a “no,” unless the bill is changed to include a larger expansion of the child tax credit. It’s currently set at $2,000 per child but only refundable up to $1,100.

If Rubino is willing to throw away this historic tax reform because of a few hundred dollars in tax credits, then he has abandoned any future run for president.

Rubio Drops Out

I wish he had done this a few weeks ago. Let’s hope Kasich follows his lead.

(CNN)Marco Rubio is dropping out of the presidential race after losing the Florida primary to Donald Trump and failing to unite the Republican establishment against the billionaire front-runner.

“We live in a republic and our voters make these decisions,” Rubio said in Miami Tuesday night as his supporters booed Trump’s victory.

I like Rubio, but this is not his year. He’s a young man and I suspect that this won’t be the last time we hear from him.

Rubio Slams Obama’s Dangerous Deals

Rubio’s right.

“The concessions to Iran and Cuba both endanger our nation,” the Florida Republican and presidential candidate said in remarks at the Foreign Policy Initiative.

“I believe they represent the convergence of nearly every flawed strategic, moral and economic notion that has driven President Obama’s foreign policy, and as such are emblematic of so many of the crises he has worsened around the world.”



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