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Hillary Clinton Weighs in on Wisconsin Supreme Court Election


Clinton said she was joining her voice to others who were saying “no to discrimination, no to hate speech and no to Bradley.” She said there was “no place at all” on any court for Bradley’s “dangerous rhetoric.”

I had a couple of thoughts when reading this…

First, there’s no way that Clinton knew anything about Bradley or Kloppenburg – much less cared about either of them – until she needed votes in Wisconsin. This has all of the marks of a deal whereby some state Dems promised to push for her if she would help out on the Supreme Court election. If only Bradley were a man, it would have helped Clinton pimp her “war on women” meme.

Second, Kloppenburg’s big faux claim for months has been that she’s “independent” despite her long-standing ties to Democrats and liberal interests. Having the Democratic presidential front-runner advocate for her drops any pretense of independence. I think it’s fine for judges running for office to have opinions and associations with fellow travelers – nobody is a blank slate and we certainly wouldn’t want to elect anyone who is – but they should be honest about them.



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