Washington County Republican Party Chairman Jim Geldreich makes a compelling case in the Washington County Daily News for why the Blue Wave might break on Wisconsin.

To a certain extent, it is customary for the minority party to gain seats during off-year elections. The media in its frenzy to mock and ridicule the Republican Party has created the catch phrase, “Blue Wave,” which theoretically means they’re hoping Republicans are swept out of office in 2018.

Before everyone blindly starts jumping on this “Blue Wave” bandwagon, let’s all pause, take a deep breath and give this some careful thought. In Wisconsin, just exactly what would be the upside to removing Republicans and replacing them with Democrats? Only those with short memories have forgotten what it was like before 2010 under former Democrat Gov. Jim Doyle.

Here’s a brief refresher: Wisconsin had a $3.6 billion budget shortfall, a 9.3 percent unemployment rate, a hostile business environment, higher property taxes and double-digit tuition increases. Remember that? There’s no conceivable reason to revert back to these days by pushing a blue wave upon the state.

Since Gov. Scott Walker was sworn in back in 2011, and with the support of the Republican Legislature, the state of Wisconsin has been positively moving forward. Because there have been so many positive changes in Wisconsin, it may be very easy to become apathetic. Walker and the Republicans have systematically put Wisconsin back on the correct path with the conservative reforms that generated the strong state economy we now enjoy.

Wisconsin has a much more friendly business climate under Republican leadership. We have climbed from the bottom 10 for business to the top 10. Simultaneously, the unemployment rate has fallen from 9.3 percent to the current alltime low of 2.9 percent. Wage growth in Wisconsin is now ninth best in the country. Walker and the Republicans, along with President Donald Trump, brokered the landmark Foxconn Technology Group deal, surpassing 10 competing states.

Judging by the appalling lack of support for Foxconnfrom the Democrats, I can confidently say a

“Blue Wave” would result in the stagnation of this epic project. If you keep your old property tax bills, I would suggest comparing your 2010 property tax bill with your 2017 property tax bill. It is likely 15-20 percent lower now. That translates to more money in the hands of the people who earn it, year after year after year. In fact, the overall tax burden in Wisconsin will have been lowered by $8 billion by the end of 2018 thanks to Walker’s conservative reforms.

A blue wave is almost certain to increase fees and income taxes, and likely bump your property tax bill back up to those prior levels or higher. Tuition at UW schools has been frozen for six straight years now, making higher education more affordable for Wisconsin families. A “Blue Wave” will assuredly bring back the Doyle-era tuition increases.

As a veteran, I’ve seen Walker restore the GI Bill, expand employment opportunities for veterans and open a new veteran’s home in northwest Wisconsin. A “Blue Wave” will bring further disregard for military veterans from the likes of Tammy Baldwin and Madison-area leftists.

In summary, Walker and the Republican Legislature have put forth a solid record of positive accomplishments for Wisconsin. This record is the envy of other states who are currently buried in debt and suffering economic malaise. If anyone is interested in a preview of what a blue wave will bring to Wisconsin, we need look no further than across the border in Illinois. The difference is clear. Wisconsin became a red state in the past decade because residents were fatigued with leftist policies.

A “Blue Wave”? Not so fast.