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Christie Enjoys a Moment in the Sun

Ah yes… the hubris of Governor Christie.

BERKELEY TOWNSHIP — People hoping to visit Island Beach State Park this holiday weekend were not allowed in because of the state government shutdown Gov. Chris Christie ordered amid the state budget standoff in Trenton.

But there was one family there: Christie’s. They are using the summer beach house provided by the state for a weekend down the Shore.

And here are exclusive aerial photos by NJ Advance Media showing Christie surrounded by wife, Mary Pat Christie, and others. (You can open the photo gallery here to see all the photos.)

It was taken early Sunday afternoon before the governor headed to Trenton to hold another news conference about the shutdown.

Christie Makes Pro 2nd Amendment Vetoes

This is interesting given Christie’s poor record on 2nd Amendment issues.

In a blockbuster announcement today, Governor Christie conditionally vetoed two pieces of anti-gun legislation (A3689 and S816), imposing dramatic conditions that would change them into pro-gun measures establishing shall-issue right-to-carry and repealing New Jersey’s 2002 “smart gun” law mandate with no strings attached.

Copies of the vetoes are available here and here.

The “conditional veto” procedure allows the governor to reject legislation that reaches his desk and propose a re-written version to the legislature.  If the legislature concurs in the conditions imposed by the governor, then the measure as re-written becomes law immediately.  Otherwise, the legislation dies.

First, good for him and good for the citizens of New Jersey.

Second, he’s laying groundwork for 2020.

Christie Endorses Trump

Well, this makes sense. First, Christie stays in the race long after it was clear that he couldn’t win and spent his time attacking anyone who threatened Trump. Now, after Trump gets eviscerated at the last debate, Christie steps in to draw the media’s eye away. Clearly, Christie is acting as Trump’s ally.

New Jersey governor and former Republican candidate Chris Christie is endorsing frontrunner Donald Trump for president, he has announced.

Mr Christie dropped out of the 2016 presidential race after a lacklustre showing in polls and state races.



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