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1619, 26 Feb 16

Christie Endorses Trump

Well, this makes sense. First, Christie stays in the race long after it was clear that he couldn’t win and spent his time attacking anyone who threatened Trump. Now, after Trump gets eviscerated at the last debate, Christie steps in to draw the media’s eye away. Clearly, Christie is acting as Trump’s ally.

New Jersey governor and former Republican candidate Chris Christie is endorsing frontrunner Donald Trump for president, he has announced.

Mr Christie dropped out of the 2016 presidential race after a lacklustre showing in polls and state races.


1619, 26 February 2016


  1. old baldy

    Christie looking to be on the ballot as a VP?

    Unless some more moderate and electable R shows up, Hillary wins. And McConnell will wish he had kept his mouth shut.

  2. Owen

    I doubt VP. Maybe cabinet or casino manager.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Is the Republican Party taking liberal strength stupid pills this election?

    Can’t Christie at least pretend to be a conservative, like he used to?

  4. Steve Austin

    The Christie situation is why Marco Rubio still sits in 2nd and 3rd place despite having most conservative pundits pushing him nonstop. Rather than kiss Christie’s giant ego, he decided to leave him a condescending voice mail message. Would I want to kiss Christie’s ass? No, but smart people do everything needed to succeed. Marco is not the sharpest tool in the shed after you get past his programmed soundbites.

    From the NYT today:

    “Mr. Rubio showed a lack of finesse in dealing with his fallen rivals’ injured egos.

    Mr. Christie had attacked Mr. Rubio contemptuously in New Hampshire, calling him shallow and scripted, and humiliating him in a debate. Nevertheless, Mr. Rubio made a tentative overture to Mr. Christie after his withdrawal from the presidential race. He left the governor a voice mail message, seeking Mr. Christie’s support and assuring him that he had a bright future in public service, according to people who have heard Mr. Christie’s characterization of the message.

    Mr. Christie, 53, took the message as deeply disrespectful and patronizing, questioning why “a 44-year-old” was telling him about his future, said people who described his reaction on the condition of anonymity. Further efforts to connect the two never yielded a direct conversation.

    Mr. Trump, by contrast, made frequent calls to Mr. Christie once he dropped out, a person close to the governor said. After the two met at Trump Tower on Thursday with their wives, Mr. Christie flew to Texas and emerged on Friday to back Mr. Trump and mock Mr. Rubio as a desperate candidate near the end of a losing campaign.”

  5. Mark Maley

    Just another example of Trump the deal maker in whatever way the deal benefits him

    Christie has no future in NJ politics as a senator ( and the establishment is treating him like a GOP Benedict Arnold ) so he listened to Trumps apology for talking about the Bridge and signed on as Trumps attack dog ( in addition to Trump himself ) to take on Rubio now and Hillary later

    Whether Christie saying these things will have the Teflon resiliency Trump has had so far remains to be seen

    I so agree that Christie see’s himself a. Future AG .He referred to himself as a former Federal prosecutor almost as much as Marco
    Said that we had to dispel the notion blah blah blah .

  6. old baldy

    Christie has been a pariah to the far right since he man hogged Obama. Now he has PO’d the establishment by backing Trump. What a goat rope this is turning out to be. Stay tuned for the next amazing development.

  7. Dave

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