LOS ANGELES (AP) — Brian Williams said he is temporarily stepping away from the “NBC Nightly News” amid questions about his memories of war coverage in Iraq, calling it “painfully apparent” that he has become a distracting news story.

In a memo Saturday to NBC News staff that was released by the network, the anchorman said that as managing editor of “NBC Nightly News” he is taking himself off the broadcast for several days. Weekend anchor Lester Holt will fill in, Williams said.

NBC News refused to comment Saturday on when or whether Williams would return and who would decide his future.

Williams, however, said he would be back.

NBC is making a huge mistake here letting Williams determine his own fate. His credibility is destroyed, and along with it, their news product. NBC management’s inaction tells us that they don’t really care about the credibility of their news anymore. I guess MSNBC should have given that away…