Interesting stuff. This is the first year after a new state law that mandates that all students take the ACT. In the past, taking the ACT was voluntary, so only kids intending to go to college generally took it. Since every kid is required to take it now, one would expect the average scores to drop.

The average score for the nation is 20.8, with 64 percent of all students taking the ACT. The highest attainable score is 36. The average score in Wisconsin was 20.5, ranking fourth among states testing all public school graduates.


The 2016 graduating classes of the West Bend School District, Hartford Union High School District and Slinger School District had composite scores of 20.8, 20.4 and 22.8, respectively.

There are four other high schools in Washington County: Kewaskum, Germantown, Kettle Moraine Lutheran, and Living Word Lutheran.

Germantown has a composite score of 22.3. Kettle Moraine Lutheran has a composite score of 24.7. I don’t see anywhere where Living Word has posted their’s. Since they are a private school, they are not required to post theirs. I don’t see anything online for Kewaskum either. I see a lot about the giant referendum they are moving ahead with, but more on that later.

So, here are the scores in the county we have so far in order:

Kettle Moraine Lutheran: 24.7

Slinger: 22.8

Germantown: 22.3

West Bend: 20.8

Hartford: 20.4

Living Word Lutheran: ?

Kewaskum: ?