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0647, 30 Aug 16


ACT Scores in County Vary

Interesting stuff. This is the first year after a new state law that mandates that all students take the ACT. In the past, taking the ACT was voluntary, so only kids intending to go to college generally took it. Since every kid is required to take it now, one would expect the average scores to drop.

The average score for the nation is 20.8, with 64 percent of all students taking the ACT. The highest attainable score is 36. The average score in Wisconsin was 20.5, ranking fourth among states testing all public school graduates.


The 2016 graduating classes of the West Bend School District, Hartford Union High School District and Slinger School District had composite scores of 20.8, 20.4 and 22.8, respectively.

There are four other high schools in Washington County: Kewaskum, Germantown, Kettle Moraine Lutheran, and Living Word Lutheran.

Germantown has a composite score of 22.3. Kettle Moraine Lutheran has a composite score of 24.7. I don’t see anywhere where Living Word has posted their’s. Since they are a private school, they are not required to post theirs. I don’t see anything online for Kewaskum either. I see a lot about the giant referendum they are moving ahead with, but more on that later.

So, here are the scores in the county we have so far in order:

Kettle Moraine Lutheran: 24.7

Slinger: 22.8

Germantown: 22.3

West Bend: 20.8

Hartford: 20.4

Living Word Lutheran: ?

Kewaskum: ?


0647, 30 August 2016



  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Good Job KML!

    There is something to Christ centered education of  the spirit as well as the mind.

    The liberal prohibition on educating the spirit handicaps the public school.


  2. Le Roi du Nord

    “The liberal prohibition on educating the spirit handicaps the public school”. Utter nonsense.

    Is there a section in the ACT with religious questions?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    There is not.

    Just indicating those with eternal hope in Christ are grateful and better equipped to learn.

    KML student body, as part of the body of Christ, is trained to serve in his glory.

    In public school, only a fraction of students get that essential spiritual training at home or church. Those Christian public school students are also given the intolerant liberal message in subtle, and not so subtle ways, their hope in Christ is not welcome when they reach the public school gate.

    Hopelessness, apart from Christ vs. those who have eternal hope in Christ, who tends to be better equipped to learn?

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    “Just indicating those with eternal hope in Christ are grateful and better equipped to learn”.

    Absolute nonsense.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Insulting Christians must be an Olympic sport for you.

    You are doing well in practicing for your gold medal in insensitivity.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    I’m not insulting christians, well maybe some, but rather pointing your the ridiculous claim you made.

    My repeat medal is in common sense.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    So feeding and nourishing the spirit through Christ as part of one’s schooling is “ridiculous”?

    Given the academic performance… the data is against you on this one.



  8. Le Roi du Nord

    The ridiculous part is your claim, “Just indicating those with eternal hope in Christ are grateful and better equipped to learn”.  There are plenty of non-believers that have great ACT scores.  Being a christian doesn’t make you smarter, but in your case, more gullible and intolerant.

  9. NHolland

    A couple of observations.
    I may be wrong but I believe the law only applies to public school students.
    With that said the KML scores may be higher because only those with the intention of attending college took the test. I would argue if all students took the test KML scores would likely be on par with the other high schools. Lets remember there are young people of differing abilities attending KML just like public schools.
    To put these averages into perspective,
    UW Madison requires a 27
    Marquette U requires a 27
    UW Lacrosse requires a 25
    It appears the average KML student should say a few extra prayers if they want to attend these colleges.
    As far as religion in public schools, I would argue that if it were allowed it would have to be allowed for all religions. This would include Muslims, Scientology, Church of All Worlds, The Church of Euthanasia and The Church of Satan to name a few. I’m not sure about everyone else but I certainly don’t want my precious children exposed to any of those religions.
    As a Christian I can honestly say religion does not make you smarter. In fact I have seen people get so carried away with their spirituality it actually makes them dumb. I.e. poison snake handling during worship.

  10. Owen

    All but 1 kid took the ACT at KML.

  11. NHolland

    I wasn’t trying to take away from the accomplishments of KML. I literally support KML. Lets be real, comparing a private religious school that has an admissions department with “standards” to public schools isn’t exactly fair. Average class size at KML is 15 compared to double that at most public schools. I also believe KML has an in house ACT prep course which isn’t available at most public schools. I applaud KML for all of their accomplishments but it has less to do with faith and more to do with privilege.
    I wonder what the average would look like if that “1 kid” scored a 2.
    Things like that happen in the public school arena when all kids are required to test.

  12. NHolland

    WI Lutheran College requires a 27.

  13. Kevin Scheunemann


    Misinformation abounds in tour statement.

    1.) all but 1 student at KML took ACT

    2.). KML does not have an “admissions” department. KML takes anyone, including foreign students.

    3.) public school class size at other public schools in Wahington County is not 30.


    I didn’t say non-religious student cannot excel at ACT. Where spiritual education can make a big difference is with your average students.

    You should celebrate the diversity of spiritual education and students exceling.

    Sure beats the anti-diverse liberal “Christ is prohibited” in the public school attitude.

  14. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,

    I am sorry to once again prove you wrong but you put yourself in these positions. Why must you always be so confrontational.

    1) I highly doubt “all but 1 student at KML took ACT”. Typically freshman and sophomores don’t take the ACT. I may be wrong.

    2) You better inform Jerry Zeamer the Director of Admissions at KML that his department doesn’t exist. The tuition alone is a standard most can’t meet.

    3) I specifically said “compared to double that at most public schools”.
    Pay attention now. See the word MOST plays a important role in my statement. I wasn’t singling out Washington County public schools.

    As my statements stand they are actually informed.
    It is you seeking confrontation that has chosen to be misinformed and willfully ignorant.

    As a contributor to KML through WELS I like to stay informed on how my money is being used. I greatly appreciate their accomplishments but lets face it they have some very distinct advantages over public schools even those in Washington County.

    At $8800 for Non-Federated students I think its safe to say the privileged make up the majority of the student body.

    On a side note, while attending last years graduation ceremony at KML I couldn’t help notice the lack of diversity. My wife and I didn’t see one, not one, African American amongst the graduates. Maybe we just didn’t have a good vantage point. However, I am of the opinion this lack of diversity throughout Washington County, especially in the smaller towns and villages, leads to the intolerance, lack of understanding and flat out racism that is often posted on this blog.

    Anyway, let me leave you with this final thought…
    As I have mentioned to you before and will repeat I believe you should show your posts, past and present, to your pastor. Purposely seeking to discredit someone by telling lies is not Christian. A little research and you would have realized KML does have an admissions department and it can be subjective. Also, and I may be wrong but freshman and sophomores don’t typically take the ACT. As far as your 3) criticism, get a grip. Manipulating my words to try and discredit me is lying and it is not the way I would treat you. I view it as a personal attack and have serious concerns about how you can rationalize this behavior as a Christian. As far as “Christ is prohibited” in public schools, Christ is with me no matter where I go including thirteen years of public school. Christ was with me when as a junior and scored a 31 on the ACT. Christ and public education are responsible for my sons ACT score of 30 and also for my father graduating valedictorian of his public high school class. It also helped him earn a scholarship to Columbia University where he also graduated top of his class and went on to earn a PHd in Biophysics. A true Christian would understand that the terminology of the building being public has no bearing on whether Christ is present and wouldn’t worry so much on forcing our beliefs on those who worship differently. Lets face it the efforts to put Christianity into public schools is nothing more then an attempt at mass indoctrination. We all have the right to worship free from indoctrination. With that said maybe you can find some meaning in not forcing your doctrine on others especially if its full of lies and criticism.

    Practice truth… its the Christian thing to do.

  15. Le Roi du Nord


    Well put. Thanks.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    Would be nice if you introduced yourself with your real name.

    1.) We were talking about junior class with this post….not whole school.

    2.) Your comment implies Jerry Zeamer is a gatekeeper keeping students out. Far from it, he is a recruiter trying to keep students in! If affordability is issue, he wants to insure voucher options are clear and will even ask private donors to help keep student in!!! I had a DQ employee who’s family could not afford and he did his best to keep that student in from private donors. Please don’t represent he is keeping anyone out that wants to attend KML… That would be incorrect. If you as close to KML as you say, why do you not know that?

    3.). We were talking Washington County schools.

    As far as accusing me of “lies”, please quote me accurately where I have done that. I’m willing to be corrected if something I said was incorrect.

    You also criticized my doctrine, if you hold to same doctrine as KML, we should be in unison…,and yes we discuss political issues in bible class, and how to discuss issues with those that deny absolute truth, and had a great sermon in church tonight ” the cost of following Christ.”

    Unbelivers will criticize and reject those speaking the gospel.

  17. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,

    You really are something else.

    For the third time you have implied or accused me of not using my “real name”. I hope you have not spent countless hours wasting both the villages and the churches resources trying to identify me. As I have stated before this is my name.

    1) The very first line of the article written by Alex Beld reads “The composite score for Wisconsin’s 2016 graduating class”. This means seniors. So, your statement “all but 1 student at KML took ACT” is incorrect. Furthermore, your statement “we were talking about junior class with this post” is also incorrect according to the first line written by Alex Beld. Basically, I don’t think you know what your talking about.

    2) Nowhere did I ever imply or represent that Mr. Zeamer is trying to keep students out. That is a FLAT OUT LIE! By your own admission and with the example you gave, the DQ employee, tuition proves to be a standard many struggle to meet. Thanks for confirming the only point i was trying to make. However, I notice you are selective in your choice of words. You use “keep students in” twice and “keep that student in” once. The real question is has KML ever denied admission to a student. I am afraid the answer is yes. So again, i don’t think you know what you are talking about.

    3) The article by Mr. Beld refers to “Wisconsin’s graduating class” and my statement reflects that. For the third time, I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

    I am not in the habit nor do i have any intention of holding your hand for a walk down the memory lane of lies. Do your own dirty work. If you can’t recognize your own short comings or lies you have bigger problems then I can help you with. As I have suggested many times you should seek the counseling of your pastor or a mental health professional. When many many people from all walks of life continually point out the same ongoing issues there comes a point when it is obvious they can’t all be wrong. So, is it possible it’s you and not everyone else?

    Finally, I wasn’t referring to your religious doctrine. Actually, I wasn’t aware you had your own religious doctrine. They should edit the bible and add the Scheunemann chapter. What I was referring to is the made up doctrine constantly posted on B&S. However, I do find it hard to believe any Christian would want to be so critical of others. Are we not all Gods children? Don’t we all deserve to be treated with respect? Believers, spelled properly, should always ask themselves what would Jesus do. I know Jesus would practice truth not rhetotic. Jesus would be kind not critical.
    Your constant quest to be right while forcing political and social issues on Boots and Sabers has you sacrificing the one thing you often resort to as the save all… your spirituality. As a Christian it is sad to see this play out day after day. As Christian I am unwilling to sacrifice my beliefs for any political party, blog site acceptance or rhetorical nonsense that’s popular today.

    Practice truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    Courtesy of your full name then.

    1.) Students take the test while Juniors.

    2.) by saying it was an”admissions” department it can be construed as a gatekeeper. Recruitment department is a more descriptive term. Either way, KML takes all students willing to attend, as long as that is clear. I was concerned there was an implication KML picks and chooses who can attand with commentary above.

    3.) Great. As long as the implication is clear that Washington County public schools do not have average class size of 30. It is less than that.

    Again, the rest of what you said was interesting, but pointed to nothing specific. It is a biblical courtesy to point out the exact quote that points to my alleged error.

    Aren’t you also concerned that Nord so readily agreed with your accusal even though he called the following statement “absolute nonsense”?

    “Just indicating those with eternal hope in Christ are grateful and better equipped to learn”.

    KML’s motto is: “educating for life and for eternity.”

    When those who attack the mission of KML agree with you, are you standing on correct side of absolute truth?

  19. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,

    1) Not always. My son took his ACT his senior year and still met all deadlines for college apps. Students have the option.

    2) Um… What. Check the KML website. It is as clear as day… Admissions and as mentioned there is a Director of Admissions. I mean really what is your problem.

    3) You clearly know all. So what is the average class size in Washington County public high schools. Probably not much less then 30 and either way KML definitely has an advantage.

    You are really grasping at straws with that Nord business. It doesn’t warrant a response. Get a grip.

  20. Kevin Scheunemann

    1.)  I agree a senior will take ACT once in a while, and it is mainly the senior that felt like they scored poorly on the first try as a junior.   Whether that is in the composite scores above is a good question.   If it is, should it be in the composite score?

    2.) Web site does say that.   But “admissions” in this case is not the gatekeeper keeping people out, which was implied in some of the commentary above.  I am close to the ground on this, and can assure that KML is inclusive in “admissions”.

    3.) Does KML have an advantage?  They spend about $4000 less per student than public school does per pupil.    Doesn’t that put KML at a disadvantage?

    Glad to see you are not siding with those attacking the mission of KML.


  21. Kevin Scheunemann


    According to last available info….student teacher ratio at Kewakum HS is 16:1 and the ACT 22.1…this might be info that is from last year.

  22. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,

    1) Not “mainly”. Students today are much more informed about the content contained in the ACT. The informed student recognizes the advantage of completing as much higher level course work as possible before taking test. It is exactly what my son and many of his classmates did and the results are telling.

    2) Of course it does. Now answer the question… Has KML ever denied admission to a student? Of course it has. I do agree for any small private school being as inclusive as possible is a necessity. Being to selective is a unaffordable luxury. Numbers pay salaries. The fact remains, KML has denied admission to students. Do I think their admissions department acts as a “gatekeeper”… No and I never implied or represented that. I merely said there are standards some have difficulty meeting. Tuition was my main example and you provided the proof, the DQ employee, proving my point. Yes KML does have an admissions department not a “recruitment department” and yes it can be, can be subjective.

    3) Yes, KML does have an advantage. As I stated above it has more to do with privilege then faith. You should use your close to the ground influence to find out what the median income is of the households with students at KML. Nice attempt to change it around but I am not interested in any more of your nonsensical distractions.

    I am more impressed by the scores of the public schools in Washington County. Students of all socioeconomic backgrounds are holding there own against the likes of KML. I would have expected KML to score higher and
    the public schools to score lower. Lets give them some credit.

    Not sure where “Kewakum HS” is but one school does not make a county average.

    I am waiting for your apology.
    You accused me of not using my real name three times. LIE!
    You accused me of saying Mr. Zeamer is trying to keep students out. LIE!
    You manipulated my words to try and discredit me. LIE!
    You started by saying “Misinformation abounds in tour statement” and that was a LIE.
    You did similar things during our discussion about BLM and i believe you told me, not quoting but something to the effect, i had a grade school mentality.

    Really, how do you rationalize this behavior with your so called Christianity?

  23. NHolland

    Oh and by the way… Student teacher ratio is different then average class size.

  24. Kevin Scheunemann

    KML has denied admission of a student? Provide just 1 example.

    As far as those “lies”.

    1.) I asked for courtesy of your full name. Your screen name is not transparent as to your identity. So if your lack of transparency equates to a “lie” on my part…so be it.

    2.) You just accused KML of keeping students out in the very same post! I have said KML looks for ways to keep students in! I will counter any argument, anywhere, that KML is rejecting students that truly want to attend.

    3.) You say I manipulated your words, but then fail to provide any example. Very disappointed by such false witness.

    4.) When I said misinfo abounds in your statement ( admit typo ), you said the law only applied to public school on ACT test and implied only “college bound” students at KML were taking the ACT test! (Implying the lessor accomplished, non-college bound students were not taking it, helping KML’s average.) You found out you were incorrect on that. You then went on to say it is a school of “privilege” vs. “faith”, implying there is an elitist admissions gatekeeper admitting only the privileged! As someone who writes financial aid checks to needy KML students every 6 months, I was completely insulted by that! So again, if the truth is a “lie” on this, I will take being guilty of the truth!

    5.). Never said you had a “grade school mentality”! Dare you to find that quote, because it does not exist.

    If these are the best of my alleged “lies”, don’t you think you owe me an apology?

  25. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,

    I am getting tired of your hack job and butchery of my words. You are a complete embarrassment to Christianity and to common decency.

    1) I do not owe a lying wind bag any common courtesy. That comment is me as a Christian using The Gospel of Matthew to point out the obvious flaws you continually force on people. I have some choice words to call you but I am practicing restraint. You should try it!

    2) In response to your original assertion and because you seem to be in denial i simply asked and stated the obvious. KML has denied admission.
    Since this was all of your doing with the made up “gatekeeper” B.S. the burden of proof is on you. Prove KML has never denied a student. Your close to the ground status and your personal relationship with the director of the “recruitment department” should give you easy access.

    3) You really are clueless. I provided above.

    4) The majority of KML students are those who CAN afford the tuition not those in need of financial aid. Again, your close to the ground status and your personal relationship to the director of the “recruitment department” should give you easy access to the incomes of those families with students at KML.

    5) Was clear “not quoting but something to the effect”………

    Do you also have a reading comprehension problem????

    Noticed how you completely ignored the student-teacher ratio claim. Didn’t want to be proven wrong again?

    Your apology would mean nothing so don’t bother.

  26. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,
    I would like to add and futher point out your accusations in number 4) are new. In your original outlined rant numbered
    you list and accuse me of completely different misinformation.
    Nice try but as I said earlier I am not interested in any more of your nonsensical distractions.
    If my memory serves me correct I believe the exact quote you are looking for is in the post Black Lives Matter Protesters Block Heathrow. Find it yourself!
    Again you lie, you make stuff up and you purposely distort the statements of others in an effort to mislead and for some bizarre reason to continue your obsessive compulsion to be right even when its been proven you are wrong.
    Get a grip.
    On a side note, my pastor thinks you do this on purpose as a method of self entertainment. He believes it appears you fill the voids in your otherwise busy days blogging. He asserted most people have “normal” face to face interactions with others.
    Is it possible you have no friends?
    Is it possible others won’t and don’t tolerate this treatment in the flesh or are you to big of a coward to have such confrontation.
    Either way, you have no honor.

  27. Pat


    It’s known as trolling.

  28. Kevin Scheunemann


    I don’t need to prove KML accepts all willing admissions, because they do.

    I simply asked if you can point out a case where admission was denied to a willing student?

    I suggest you show your posts to your pastor and see what he thinks about your comments about KML, if he does not correct you, I would love to speak with him!

  29. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,

    I did show all of these posts to my pastor, hence the side note above. Still with the reading comprehension thing?

    As a matter of fact it was my WELS pastor who confirmed personally knowing people who did not gain admission into KML. I also personally know someone but I will be damned if I’m going to post a students name online just to appease your ego. Your failure to admit admission denials exist is merely a weak yet arrogant effort to save face. I would never had made such a claim if it were not true. It was never about if they accept all willing admissions but whether they ever deny admissions. Willing would mean an offer of admission was made. You do understand the difference. Or is it the same misconstrued reality you have that thinks student-teacher ratio is the same as average class size. Which by the way, I stand by my claim that the average public school class size is 30 and not much less if not the same in Washington County.

    Seriously, you need to get a grip. The more nonsense you post the deeper the hole is that you have to crawl back into.

    All I did was make some observations and from that I was thereafter attacked for every defensive yet true statement I made. I proved the things that you claimed were misinformation were not. I also successfully warded off every other statement you misconstrued and distorted and claimed that I made.
    Let me recap:
    1) Not “all but 1 student at KML took ACT”.
    2) KML does have an Admissions Department.
    3) I was not talking about Washington County public high school class size. The article was talking about public schools/seniors in WI.

    Do you ever wonder why you spend more time posting then even Mr. Robinson. And why most of your posts are of an attacking, discrediting and derogatory nature. Again, if for years and years I was told the same thing by many many different folks from all walks of life I would take a serious look at myself and stop blaming and accussing others. Lying and distorting the truth does not make for good debate. Eventually, you are going to anger the wrong individual and in today’s twisted world you are setting yourself up for disaster. As a Christian i am not only concerned with the way you treat people on this blog but I am concerned others may not be able to handle your criticism.

    Practice Truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

  30. Kevin Scheunemann


    If “admission denials” truly exist by KML as you represent it, that will be a shock to rest of KML Federation.

    Email me your pastor’s name, I would love to speak with him about the topic.

  31. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,

    I think the KML Federation would be shocked if denials didn’t exist.
    What private religious school hasn’t denied access?
    Many have entrance exams and tuition even higher then KML.
    One simple phone call with your on the ground status should gain you access to this information.
    If you can prove, unequivocally, KML has NEVER denied access to even one student i will make a significant contribution to their financial aid fund.

    In the mean time, I wouldn’t give you the name of my goldfish let alone my pastor. Because of the way you have manipulated this conversation and our last one too, you have zero credibility with me. Pushing false statements and rhetoric haven’t earned you the respect needed to trust you with private information. What normal person would ask for student information to be disclosed on the internet. Now you want me to give you my pastors name via my personal email. Cuckoo!!!

  32. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’m continually shocked by your lumping in KML with other schools by saying “what private religious, school hasn’t denied access?”

    Did you know KML recently had previously unchurched students from China as part of the student body?

    The mission of KML is to educate students for this life and for eternity, whether churched or unchurched.

    Spreading the gospel is the primary mission.   KML is looking for opportunity to do that by giving access, not denying access.

    If your pastor agrees with your statement about KML denying access and not living the Great commission in spreading the gospel, I’d love to talk to him.   I don’t believe any WELS pastor holds a position like that in public.   (If there was such an issue, the pastor should address it with KML in private, first, to resolve any possible issue in this context.)

    You know how to contact me in private.

    I bet your pastor would enjoy talking with me.

    Until then, let’s build KML up as part of the body of Christ.

    I get concerned when you try to tear it down with allegations of access being denied.





  33. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,

    I am well aware of the mission of KML and of the make up of the student body but thanks for treating me like an idiot once again. You assume you are the only informed person on earth. We can forget all about every other private and public school as far as this discussion is concerned. You have my word I will focus only on YOU providing conclusive proof KML has NEVER denied admission to any student.

    Your efforts to discredit me by implying I am trying to “tear it down with allegations of access being denied” is false. You, you asserted that I implied KML has a gatekeeper and I adamantly denied that accusation. As a matter of fact I said “Nowhere did I ever imply or represent that Mr. Zeamer is trying to keep students out. That is a FLAT OUT LIE!” I repeat this sensentiment throughout our discussion. My point was and remains that KML has admission standards not all can meet. In fact my whole point was its not fair to compair a private religious school to public schools because of the advantages they have. Nice effort trying to pivot on that point but I’m not biting.

    The access discussion started with you stating “by saying it was an “admissions” department it can be construed as a gatekeeper.” “Either way, KML takes any student willing to attend, as long as that is clear.” The KML website calls it an Admissions Department not me.
    You have failed to prove that point. It wasnt me originally asserting that they were keeping them out, it was you asserting that they take all. Because of your assertion i asked “Has KML ever denied admission to a student?”
    You have avoided answering that question even though you know the answer is yes. You resorted to twisting words into “keeping students in” to avoid having to deal with the reality of admission denials. Now you are trying to shame me and my pastor into not talking about denials by saying we are “not living the Great commission of spreading the gospel”.
    Sorry but speaking the truth is Gods word and the Body of Christ.

    I get concerned when people use the gospel to support or defend lies.

    Answer the question TRUTHFULLY…
    Has KML EVER denied admission to even one student?

  34. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,

    This is a simple yes or no question…

    Has KML EVER denied admission to even one student?

    For the record, my agenda isn’t to discredit KML in anyway. It is to get to the truth.

    Let me get this straight, are you saying KML has NO standards and will take anyone and everyone? Before you answer that please answer…

    Has KML EVER denied admission to even one student? A simple yes or no will do.

  35. Kevin Scheunemann


    KML takes anyone here at home.

    There are a list of common sense requirements for international students, like Visa applicatin being accepted by U.S. government, speaking reasonable english, etc.

    Spreading the gospel is part of the mission.

    The school has rules.   If students violate those rules while attending, KML has taken action in terms of discipline.

    Would you like to talk about something specific?



  36. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,

    Do you understand how answering a yes or no question works?

    I didn’t ask if KML takes anyone here at home.
    Of course KML will take an application from anyone.
    Now answer the question you have been trying so hard to avoid.

    Has KML EVER denied admission to even one student?

    Let me help you save face and enable you to continue your avoidance.
    A brief fishing phone call the other day to my wife’s cousin who is currently at Brookfield Academy but spent several years at KML (and is a member of WELS) informed me that he still has solid connections at KML. He was of the opinion that admission denials happen but to be absolutely sure he made two, that’s two phone calls to two separate individuals at KMLHS and both confirmed admission denials DO happen.

    I anticipate more of the same squeamish word and statement trickery from you but it just doesn’t matter. Your willingness to sacrifice the truth is in direct conflict with your membership in WELS. I hold members like you directly responsible for our decline in membership. The things you say on this blog are an absolute abomination to all that is sacred and pure to every members relationship to Jesus. It is time for you to seek intervention, hopefully willingly.

  37. Kevin Scheunemann

    Were they “denials” by the school or the family simply deciding not to go there?

    If the student was at KML but now goes to Brookfield Academy, sounds like there was a school rule conflict the family did not want to abide by or adhere to or a possible change in family situation.

    If the student did go to KML “for years” in your example…that is a “denial”?

    Unless you are willing to provide specifics, it hardly makes the case there is rejection of willing students and willing families by KML.



  38. Le Roi du Nord

    Why don’t you just answer the Y/N question posed by NHolland?

  39. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,

    AS anticipated… More of the same.

    I was referring to a professional educator not a student and it completely makes the case.

    Anyway, you bore me. Continued willful ignorance and deception do not a Christian make. You should have your membership reviewed and be held accountable.

    Anyone else reading this can see through your rhetoric. You don’t have to answer the question. You have said enough and your ignorance points out exactly how wrong you are.

    Practice Truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

  40. Kevin Scheunemann


    If you are unwilling to be clear about the specifics, it’s hard for me to adress the issue.

    Why is it so important for you to claim KML does something it does not do?

    If you are working to build the body of Christ up, you should construe any KML action in kindest possible light.

    A whole host of things could be at issue with any situation you bring up.   Did the family openly refuse to adhere to school rules?   Was student found to be conducting themself in a less than Chrsitian manner and unrepentant about it?

    There is a host of issues that can be at play in any situation.

    There is no elitist waiting list or admission denials.


  41. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,

    I don’t need you to address any specifics. I am capable of reaching my own conclusions. Do you have a hero complex? Why do you think it necessary to have and who nominated you the resident know-it-all?

    I practice the truth and won’t lie under any circumstance. I “won’t construe any KML action in kindest possible light” if its not true.

    So now you admit there are school rules that need to be adhered to, a Christian code of conduct, tuition barriers, language requirements and of course the application process itself. And you claim they have no admission standards. What role do admission tests play in the process? Why does KML have an application (process)?…

    This quote is taken directly from the Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School website copyright dated this year, 2016…

    “School admission committee reviews the application and if accepted, will send an acceptance letter via email.”

    “if accepted” “if accepted” “if accepted” “if accepted” “if accepted”

    Based on the phone calls by my wife’s cousin, me and my pastor personally knowing people who have been denied, the admission department you denied existed, your admitted efforts to “construe any KML action in kindest possible light”, your now admitted admission standards and of course the actual quote directly from the KMLHS wedsite, the answer to the yes or no question is YES. I believe you have been proven WRONG!… Again.

    Get a grip! Advising someone to “construe” is the same as advising them to lie. Building up the body of Christ with lies is blasphemy.
    To “construe” is to bear false witness. Enjoy eternity in hell.

    Practice Truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

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