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Principals Report No Outbreak at High Schools

Good news.

The email states that as of Thursday, 31 students had been placed in quarantine after having contact with a positive case.

Upon closer examination of contact proximity and exposure time, Superintendent Jen Wimmer confirmed that the number was reduced to 24 students.

Graf and Schlass added there have been no transmissions of COVID-19 during the first week of school, which began Sept. 1.

Bear in mind, there will be an outbreak at some point. That is not the question. The question is how are we all going to react. Panic? Fear? Shut down? Or take reasonable actions and carry on with the duty to educate?

Pushing Liberalism in West Bend High Schools

At West Bend High School, there is a required, one semester class called “U.S. Government and Law.” The course overview says:

In this course, students will experience how the wheels of government and justice work at the local, state, and federal level. Student activities and hands-on experiences will be emphasized to demonstrate how “We the People” are affected by and function within our government and law. Students electing to take Advanced Placement U.S. History have the option of taking this course in grades 10,11, or 12.

Good, right? I would argue that part of the reason for public education is to equip people to be active participants in our civic society, so this kind of education is good. One semester seems entirely inadequate, but at least it will provide kids with a rudimentary understanding of the levels of government, how legislation works, how the legal system works, etc., right?

Wrong. With one precious semester to teach kids about their government, the teachers at West Bend High Schools are using it as an opportunity to advocate liberalism to the impressionable teenagers under their care.

Here is a description from Esquire, of all places, of what happens in class:

The class recently took a political-opinion poll that places students on a forty-four-point spectrum from Conservative Reactionary (22C) to Liberal Radical (22L). About two thirds of the class were moderate to liberal, falling between 1L and 22L. Ryan says a few kids landed at the extremes: one “conservative radical,” a boy, and three “liberal extremists,” all girls.


Mr. Inkmann then has the students sing two songs written by another West Bend teacher. “The Liberal Song” is set to the tune of “Ode to Joy.” Mr. Inkmann offers to sing first before everyone joins in. “If I were a liberal, liberal, life would be so very great,” the lyrics read, “knowing that in liberal land this other man could marry me.” The students flip through their political-spectrum packets to follow along. One kid snaps his fingers, rocking out. “The Conservative Song,” set to the tune of “Beer Barrel Polka,” includes lines like “I hate social programs, they really make me want to puke / I would rather use the money for a two-ton nuke” and “Welfare is not good, before we had it, people tried / And I hope the biggest criminals are electrified!”

Yes, you’re reading that right. Here are the songs written by the other teacher:

You can see the difference in the language. The liberal song is positive and uses words and phrases like “loved,” “happy,” “pro-choice,” “protest in a big parade,” “end pollution,” etc. The conservative song is negative and uses words like, “hate,” “women should stay home, pro-create, cook,” “hate gay marriage,” want to puke,” etc. This is a liberal’s caricature of conservatism. It’s a straw man that the teachers then spend the rest of class tearing down. It is not even close to an accurate description of modern conservative philosophy.

This is not isolated. I’m told that in Mr. Kieser’s class, the teacher who wrote the lyrics, it is much the same. The first few weeks of the semester have been spent having kids identify their stances on political issues and then the teacher will spend oodles of time “explaining” to the kids how the liberal positions are the better positions – without outright saying it, of course. The message to the kids is clear, however, if you hold conservative views, you are a violent heartless bigot.

This is not a rogue teacher. This is part of the planned course of study.

There are two outrages here. First, the obvious outrage that the lefty teachers are abusing their positions of authority to push their lefty views on kids. Second, they are wasting educational time on this junk instead of using it to teach the kids about their government and legal system.

It would be easy to fill four years of civics classes with just the mechanics of government and law – without even getting into political philosophies. And yet West Bend is choosing to fill class time with this and leave the kids ignorant about everything except the basics of our government and legal systems. Curriculum is about choices and the West Bend schools are choosing to advance liberalism with the scarce classroom time allotted to them.

West Bend Bomb Threat

What to do…

There was a bomb threat at the West Bend High Schools yesterday. Here’s what the police reported today:

1305 E. Decorah Rd. West Bend High Schools
On Tuesday, May 03, 2016 at 9:15 a.m. investigators from the West Bend Police Department took a 15 year old female student into custody for a bomb threat that was made at the High School on Monday, May 2, 2016. The 15 year old girl is being detained, and charges of Bomb Scare and Disorderly Conduct are being referred to juvenile authorities.

We would like to thank administrators and staff from the high schools and school district for their quick response to this incident, and for their help in quickly clearing this crime.

Great! Good work by the police resolving the case quickly. In the comments of that post, the mother of the perpetrator commented saying:


Assuming all of that is true, it’s hard to not feel compassion for the kid and her parents. It looks like the kid is struggling and made a bonehead decision – the kind of bonehead decision that is common in 15-year-olds. At the same time, it looks like the parents are solid folks and undoubtedly instilled a sense of right and wrong in their daughter. The kid was smart enough to know that making a bomb threat was wrong and that it was a big deal.

As sad as it might be, the girl must be treated severely. She might be a bit too young to charge as an adult, but it should be considered. Either way, she should serve some jail time for her actions. The only way we are going to prevent kids from making bomb threats to disrupt school is to treat them severely when they do. The consequences must be designed to not only punish the kid who made the threat, but deter all of the other kids who might think of doing the same thing.

On the bright side, it looks like the kid who made the threat is going to have a very bad year, but with the loving support of her family and friends, she has a good chance of coming out of it a better-adjusted adult. Sometimes a lesson learned the hard way while young helps mold some pretty spectacular adults.

West Bend High School Principal Resigns

This is interesting.

The West Bend School District announced today that Bill Greymont, the lead principal of East and West High School, has resigned his position, effective at the end of the school year.  In an announcement to his staff today, he stated:

After much thought, I have made the decision to resign from my position as principal of East and West High Schools, effective June 30.  I feel I am not living up to my core belief that family comes first and I need to find a way to increase my presence as a father and a husband.  Being the principal of one of the largest high schools in the state of Wisconsin makes that difficult.

Egg Drop Dropped in West Bend

Another learning opportunity that was safely done for generations of students is sacrificed for the sake of the nannies.

According to WBHS tradition, this time of year means milk cartons being dropped 50 feet from the roof of the auditorium.

This tradition was a project done for physics class. Students were required to construct a protective system in a milk carton that would keep an egg, which was placed inside, from breaking. They could use whatever materials they wanted, but many students opted to use packaging materials, such as Styrofoam peanuts. Other students got more creative, using jell-o, shampoo, or even tomato sauce.

But now, for the first time in over 30 years, the egg drop has been canceled.


The decision was made due to safety concerns by people at the district level, according to Prost.

“Technically, we’re not allowed to have any employees on top of the auditorium within 8 feet of the overhang,” Prost said. “I understand where they’re coming from, but at the same time, I thought there would be a way that we could somehow make it work.”

UPDATE: The administration CRACKED!

Update: In an email, teacher Richard Prost said that he received word Tuesday morning that the project has been reinstated. “Just got word from Mr. Neitzke that he disagrees and that we have the green light to do the project. Obviously now we have to wait until the weather warms up. Interesting how powerful even the student press can be!,” Prost said. Neitzke is the district’s superintendent



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