Ames, Iowa (CNN)Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump Tuesday at an Iowa campaign stop, delivering a raucous speech full of Palin-isms during her return to the presidential campaign trail.

The Trump phenomenon sure is interesting. He has a lot of support and yet I don’t personally know anyone who is a Trump supporter – and I know a lot of conservatives. As far as I can tell, Trump supporters fall into the following categories:

Democrats – they want a Democrat to win the general, so they are pushing for Trump to win the Republican nomination. They figure he’s the easiest of the lot to beat.

Populists – Trump is singing the populist tune, which is funny since he’s a Manhattan billionaire. But some folks are buying it.

Anarchists – they hate the two-party establishment and just want to roll Trump into it like a grenade with bad hair to see what happens.

Idiots – this includes the conservatives who have bought his bullshit.

Opportunists – this is probably where Palin falls – and Rush and Hannity. Trump is rich and popular right now and they want to glom onto that popularity for their own purposes. Palin is a fallen star and this is a chance for her to be relevant.