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Barca Resigns


The Assembly Democratic leader is leaving his post.

Rep. Peter Barca, D-Kenosha, announced his decision in a statement Thursday after a four-hour, closed-door meeting that one lawmaker said focused on debating “leadership.”

“This afternoon I made the very difficult decision to step down as leader of the Assembly Democrats following deliberate, thoughtful discussions. I am grateful to my colleagues for their support over the last seven years,” Barca said. “It has been my honor to work as their leader in the fight for family-supporting jobs and an economy that works for everyone. Assembly Democrats have always fought to do what is right for Wisconsin families and workers.”

Barca’s resignation — effective Sept. 30 — came after the meeting in a conference room at the U.S. Bank building on the Capitol Square during which some Assembly Democrats were planning to raise the question of whether Barca should be replaced.

Some members of the caucus have privately expressed skepticism over Barca’s leadership as minority leader.

Last month, Barca was one of three Democrats to join majority Republicans to vote in favor of a nearly $3 billion tax incentive package to lure Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn to southeastern Wisconsin, a project that could bring jobs and research money to his district.

No replacement was named Thursday, a Barca spokeswoman said.

Ever since Walker’s election, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has become increasingly a party of militant leftists with little tolerance for any opposing views. Barca is a liberal’s liberal, but even he was declared an apostate for working with Walker to bring Foxconn to Wisconsin.

Even though Wisconsin’s Republicans can’t seem to walk without stepping on their own feet, the Democrats will struggle to find their way back from the wilderness as long as they continue to only cater to the Marxists in Milwaukee and Madison.

Barca Takes Heat for Foxconn Vote

In the Democratic Party, no independent thoughts are allowed.

Subeck, in an email sent to all Assembly Democrats obtained by the AP, accused Barca of failing “on all accounts” to differentiate his views on Foxconn with that of the rest of Democrats who voted against the measure. She was particularly upset with Barca for holding an impromptu news conference in the Assembly parlor, right around the corner from his office, shortly after the evening vote Thursday.

“I have to admit that I was surprised that immediately after a vote on which you took a different position than most of the caucus, you would hold yourself out to speak on our behalf on the issue, especially without letting any of know you intended to do so,” Subeck wrote to Barca. “I am also concerned that the message you conveyed … It seems you were trying to justify your own vote rather than share the caucus perspective consistent with our agreed upon message.”

She said that Barca’s public comments “have not been consistent with the majority position of the caucus and have served counter to our interest.”

Subeck said Barca should have allowed someone else to speak who could better represent how most Democrats felt about Foxconn.

I think that most people watching Barca speak understood that he was speaking for himself and not on behalf of his caucus. We know the hive mind even if the occasional drone strays.



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