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GOP Calls for Flynn to Drop Out

I think Flynn should drop out because he’s too liberal and doesn’t stand a chance of winning, but not because of this.

MADISON — The executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party is calling for the Democratic candidates for governor to disavow candidate Matt Flynn because of his past work representing the Milwaukee Archdiocese.

Flynn has faced heat from Democrats and Republicans alike to drop out of the race because of his legal work and explanations of his work defending the Archdiocese from priest abuse lawsuits. Flynn has repeatedly defended his meetings with priests and positions taken to defend the Archdiocese and refused to step down.

Everybody hates defense attorneys until you need one (no, I haven’t needed one yet). The Rule of Law, which is a prerequisite to a free society, requires that people accused of crimes have access to a quality, vigorous defense. As abhorrent as the behavior of the Milwaukee Archdiocese and some of their employees was, they were entitled to a legal defense that Flynn provided. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Flynn In!

They are going to have to use the back of the primary ballot to fit all of these candidates.

Former state Dem Chair Matt Flynn formally kicked off his bid for guv Tuesday, telling he wants to restore Wisconsin’s progressive tradition.

“We need a change of direction,” Flynn said in detailing his vision for the state. “It’s all fine to say what’s bad with (Scott) Walker and (Donald) Trump. That’s not enough.”

Flynn also said in the interview right-to-work is the first thing he’d try to repeal if elected, followed closely by Act 10. He also defended his work on behalf of the Milwaukee Archdiocese after it was sued by those abused by priests and derided Foxconn, which has pledged to build a plant in Racine County and employ thousands.

He said Walker “got snookered” in offering the Taiwanese manufacturer a $3 billion state incentive package, arguing the guv and his team were not qualified to negotiate such a significant package.

Flynn said he would have taken a harder line with the Taiwanese company and criticized its practices. He pointed to news reports the company installed nets at a Chinese plant after employees attempted suicide by jumping off buildings, as well as company CEO Terry Gou referring to employees as animals.

Flynn said the company has “Chinese values, which I think are bad in business.”

“I love Chinese people. They’re wonderful people. I love Chinese food,” Flynn said. “I don’t like Chinese laws. I don’t like their business practices, and I don’t like their water and air.”

I can see that in his TV ads… “I’m Matt Flynn and I’m an expert on global business because I love Chinese food.”

Flynn’s campaign looks dead on arrival. He’s touting a platform that is 10 years out of date and not relevant in modern Wisconsin. But it is interesting that so many Democrats are jumping into this race because Walker does not look very vulnerable. The economy is doing well, the Foxconn deal is a boon, unemployment is low, school spending is up, budget is balanced, etc. There are a few arguments going on, but generally speaking, Wisconsin is looking pretty good right now. Sure, Walker’s approval rating is below 50%, but it has almost always been even as he won three statewide elections. Walker will be extremely well-funded and supported by national Republicans.

Reading the political tea leaves, it is very improbable that Walker will lose unless something big changes before the next November. I can only think of two plausible explanations. One, many of the Democrats are so far in the belly of the liberal echo chamber that they really think they have a good chance of winning. Two, they are running for statewide office just to raise some money and enhance their “brand” to pivot into post-election employment opportunities (think tanks, foundations, advocacy groups, etc.). I suspect that the explanation vary by candidate.



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