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1725, 26 Jul 18

GOP Calls for Flynn to Drop Out

I think Flynn should drop out because he’s too liberal and doesn’t stand a chance of winning, but not because of this.

MADISON — The executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party is calling for the Democratic candidates for governor to disavow candidate Matt Flynn because of his past work representing the Milwaukee Archdiocese.

Flynn has faced heat from Democrats and Republicans alike to drop out of the race because of his legal work and explanations of his work defending the Archdiocese from priest abuse lawsuits. Flynn has repeatedly defended his meetings with priests and positions taken to defend the Archdiocese and refused to step down.

Everybody hates defense attorneys until you need one (no, I haven’t needed one yet). The Rule of Law, which is a prerequisite to a free society, requires that people accused of crimes have access to a quality, vigorous defense. As abhorrent as the behavior of the Milwaukee Archdiocese and some of their employees was, they were entitled to a legal defense that Flynn provided. There’s nothing wrong with that.


1725, 26 July 2018

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    GOP should want him to get Democrat nomination. He is completely unelectable!

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