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Former Student: Conservatives Not Welcome at Marquette


A Marquette University freshman said he won’t be back in the fall because his conservative Catholic views aren’t welcome on campus.

In an article posted Wednesday on conservative college news site, now former Marquette University student Zachary Petrizzo didn’t hold back, writing, “After one year at the institution, I have discovered that Marquette is anything but a Jesuit and Catholic university. There is no acceptance of conservative thoughts.”


“I believe that Marquette has taken a step to ultimately limit free speech on campus,” Petrizzo told WISN 12 News on Thursday.

“You know, I decided to leave Marquette due to the political climate. The political climate in which conservatives, you know, their ideas were not allowed on campus,” he said.

Petrizzo said he feared for his safety, claiming in one instance two students told him he would be “hunted down.”

Marquette wouldn’t address Petrizzo’s grievances specifically, but did issue a statement, which read in part, “In keeping with our Catholic and Jesuit mission, Marquette is open to a wide range of viewpoints, including conservative student groups and speakers. We encourage vigorous yet respectful debate and a marketplace of ideas.”

Liberal Hypocrisy and Indoctrination at Marquette

I’m a bit late to this story, but it is outrageous. Professor McAdams, longtime member of the Wisconsin blogosphere, has been suspended for daring to criticize a Marquette TA who forbade a student from actually engaging in an open exchange of opposing viewpoints (THE HORROR!).

In November, Prof. John McAdams (Marquette political science) — who blogs at Marquette Warrior — wrote a post critical of a philosophy instructor, Cheryl Abbate. (Abbate is a graduate student but was apparentlythe sole instructor for the particular section of the Theory of Ethics class, as is not uncommon for undergraduate courses at research universities.) The post faulted Abbate for allegedly not allowing criticism of homosexuality in class discussions


The letter doesn’t specifically indicate what McAdams is being investigated for; and no passages in the documents that the dean attached were highlighted in a way that suggests specific details on this. But McAdamsbelieves that this suspension and removal from campus must have been caused by the earlier post: “Since we have done nothing particularly controversial lately besides blog about the Philosophy instructor (one Cheryl Abbate), we have to assume that’s what it is about.” And Marquette seems to support this; I wrote them last night saying, “Prof. McAdams’ Dec. 16 post suggests that the paid suspension and the exclusion from campus was triggered entirely by his Nov. 9 post.

Marquette is free to stifle debate and offer the most closed-minded liberal indoctrination it wants, but it has lost the right to claim that it is a school that promotes or even tolerates the free exchange of ideas.



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