State Representative Adam Neylon (R-Pewaukee) has proposed a list of things in an effort to out-Democrat the Democrats on Earth Day. Let’s take a brief look at this idiocy.

“Renewable Energy Rebates – This proposal will ensure every Wisconsin resident who wants to purchase renewable energy can do so without any upfront cost, and the rebate will help make it affordable.

Taxpayers already subsidize way too much of this and have been doing so for years. It’s a huge waste that is rife with fraud.

“Clean Energy Corridors – This proposal will make the most of our Volkswagen settlement funds by providing matching grants to businesses along major thoroughfares connecting Wisconsin to our surrounding states.

He wants to create charging stations along Wisconsin’s highways. Not only is it not the role of the state government to provide charging stations for the owners of electric vehicles (does the state run gas stations?), it would rob the private sector and entrepreneurs of the opportunity to capitalize on this technological development.

“Solar & Wind Education & Training Grant program – Solar and wind energy installation is one of the fastest growing industries in our economy. This program will help bolster this developing workforce by providing grants to companies to train workers in these skilled and technical fields.”

If this is truly one of the fastest growing industries, why do the taxpayers need to subsidize the training of workers for it?

“Commitment to Wisconsin Stewardship – Assembly Republicans are committed to protecting our hunting and fishing heritage by supporting our state parks and public lands for future generations.

I hate the Stewardship Fund. Always have. The government already owns way too much land. Taking that much land off of the tax rolls increases taxes for the rest of us while also creating ongoing expense for us taxpayers.

“Recycling Electronics Initiative – We are focused on the problem of electronics disposal. By finding a way to increase the recycling of electronics, we can mitigate the impact these products and pollutants have on the environment.”

This isn’t the role of government.

Taken as a package, every one of these initiatives involves the transfer of taxpayer money to some private person or enterprise – with government bureaucrats deciding who gets paid. Which companies will build the charging stations? Whose land will the Stewardship Fund buy? Which companies get money to train workers? You get the idea. If the programs are run ethically, it gives government a lot of power to pick winners and losers. If they are run like a normal government programs, they will be riddled with corruption, graft, and waste.

I’d like my Republicans to behave like Republicans, please.