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Dr. Ron Remmel Announces 2022 Run Against Congressman Scott Fitzgerald

From the email and for your edification/entertainment.


Dear Friends, or as I shall call you, Bloggers:

I am Ronald S. Remmel, Ph.D., and I live in West Bend WI (see attached resume).

Today I am starting my run for the Democratic nomination for U.S. representative from the 5th Congressional District (or whatever it becomes after redistricting).

Why so early?

* Tom Palzewicz, the previous outstanding Democratic candidate, probably won’t run again???

* Scott Fitzgerald (R) won the election, and will start work in Washington on Jan. 3.

* I am better educatged than Fitzgerald, with a B.S. from Caltech, a Ph.D. from Princeton, and professorships in medical neurophysiology at the Univ. of Ark. for Med. Sci., and biomedical engineering at Boston Univ.

* I have successfully manufactured medical electronics (eye movement monitors) for 25 years, and have sold them profitably to 5 continents, including mainland China.

* Fitzgerald (R) had been the WI Senate Majority leader, and had sued and opposed Gov. Evers’ pandemic policies at every turn. Fitzgerald even refused to call the State Legislature into session to vote upon the kind Governor’s proposals!!! Meanwhile, thousands of Wisconsinites died and hundreds of thousands got sick.

Scott Fitzgerald is not a nice person.

* Things got so bad here in Wisconsin that, according to my calculations (see attached paper):

Wisconsin was the first state to approach herd immunity!

* Trump is now virtually gone, but lots of little alt-right Trumpies are still running around.

* Science describes how the world works. Our students are woefully behind much of the rest of the world in education. We need to emphasize STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and biomedicine to prevent another devastating pandemic.

* We need to develop cutting-edge technology right here in Wisconsin such as AI (artificial intelligence), self-driving vehicles, quantum computers, and customized medical treatments based upon gene sequencing.

* With my experiences in physics, medicine, biomedical engineering, and world-wide business, I am the best candidate to bring state-of-the-art education and technology to Wisconsin–not stonewall Fitzgerald.


I plan to head off Alzheimer’s disease as I travel all around learning EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. Well not quite–the work of Congress is divided up into committees. I might be good on fusion research, or Mars, or epidemiology committees, but I am totally unqualified to be on the pork-barrel, or the lobbyist, or the penny-get-rich-quick-stock committees.

But I do know lots about fraud and scams because I wrote the book, “The Art of the Scam” (Amazon Kindle). Maybe I should be on the Federal Trade Commission or even supervise the FBI!

I have never to my knowledge told a lie in my adult life (but my friends will surely say, you forgot what you promised). But I won’t air all my dirty linen in public, either.

I WILL make mistakes, but my mother taught me to say, “I apologize; I was wrong.”

My jokes will be funnier than Ronald Reagan’s!

If elected, I have promised to take my girl friend Lorrie Meller to Manhattan on a $5,000 clothes buying spree (Sorry, I don’t have $100K like Sarah Palin spent when she was chosen VP). Then Lorrie and I can attend parties at the WH With Lorrie more stylish than Nancy Pelosi–ha, ha!

But I fantasize…

Two years of hard work to get elected. I welcome your support!

Prof Ron For Wisconsin


Rules for this Blog:

Democracy thrives on the free exchange of ideas. If I am to effectively represent you in Congress, I need to hear from all of you. This Blog will help me to do so.

There is no such thing as a “Republican pothole,” or a “Democratic pothole,” only a pothole. Nearly all of the serious problems in America are nonpartisan.


There are not just good ideas and bad ideas, but sometimes only various poor ideas, like solutions to global warming. I welcome all of your contributions to this Blog–from the right and from the left–and let the other Bloggers critique them.

Actually, I have been carrying on my Email Blog for over a year, with hundreds of valuable contributions, even from 2 Canadians!


No religious comments. The Constitution says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free practice thereof.”


No conspiracy theories. Support arguments with facts.


No personal insults such as, “Dr. Remmel, you’re an IDIOT!” That may very well be 100% correct, but try rephrasing it to say, “I disagree with you for the following reasons…”

Fitz Stands Alone in 5th

On the Republican side.

It has been two months since U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner announced his retirement, an event political insiders once thought would trigger a succession battle royale in his staunchly conservative suburban Milwaukee district. Yet only one Republican has emerged to run for the seat.

That Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, has so far cleared the Republican field a year before the election is a testament to his political savvy and a streak of conservative political victories going back more than a decade.

“Fitz,” as he’s known at the Capitol, credited his position in the race to his experience and conservative politics.

I am disappointed that this is shaking out to be an ascension. Fitz has been a solid part of the Conservative revolution in Wisconsin and is a quality candidate for this office. I could dicker over a few things, but on the whole, I would feel comfortable voting for him to represent me in Washington.

But Sensenbrenner has represented the 5th CD for 40 years. He has been a great representative, but a lot has changed in 40 years. As a solid Republican seat, this was a chance for a robust primary debate about the state of the Republican Party, the needs of the 5th CD, and what the citizens want to see out of their representative. Is the 5th CD more populist now? Traditional conservative? Libertarian? What about the issues about which conservatives have legitimate disagreements?

The citizens of the 5th CD are being deprived of that internal debate because the Republican Party has aligned behind Fitz. And even if it is not the case, it reeks of smoky back room deals and political cronyism.

It is not too late to still have a robust primary debate, but the window is closing. I hope some good Republicans will consider getting into the race to give the voters a real choice.



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