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Kelda Roys Makes Odd Attack on Scott Walker

Strange press release from Democrat Kelda Roys.

“Scott Walker has been one of the most anti-choice, anti-women governors in the history of Wisconsin,” said Roys. “Yet now, he wants us to believe that Roe is not under threat and that Wisconsin women are not at risk of losing the right to choose. Well, we are. I refuse to allow Scott Walker to run from his anti-choice past and hide his true position from Wisconsin voters.”

In Wisconsin’s criminal statutes, abortion is still a felony. The only thing preventing this law from being enforced is the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

First, I don’t believe that Walker has ever run from his pro-life stance. In fact, he’s been rather vocal about it over the years. What is she talking about?

Second, Roys does know that the Governor of Wisconsin has as much say in Supreme Court appointments as I do, right? As in… none.

Third, the statute to which she refers has been on the books for over 40 years. During that time, Democrats controlled the legislature and governorship several times and declined to change the law. Agree with the statute or not, both parties are responsible for leaving it in place all of these years.

Come to think of it, Roys was actually a member of the State Assembly at a time when the Democrats were in complete control under Jim Doyle. Why didn’t she push the repeal of the abortion law through when she had the chance? Where was her bill?

With her failure to break through in the polls, Roys appears to be getting a bit desperate.

Newest Dem Candidate Stumbles Into Race

Well, that escalated quickly.

At 38, Kelda Roys is one of the youngest Democratic candidates. But in an interview on Sunday political talk show “UpFront with Mike Gousha,” she didn’t highlight her age to set herself apart. Instead, she pointed to family issues like paid paternity leave and abortion rights.

Roys served as a state representative for four years and is the CEO and founder of OpenHomes, a real estate tech company. She ran for Congress in 2012, but lost to Rep. Mark Pocan in the Democratic primary.


“I happen to be the only pro-choice woman in the race … our (Democratic) electorate does tend towards women and we’re a party of reproductive rights,” she said.

Emphasis mine. The story goes on to point out:

State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout is also running for governor and has said she is pro-choice, although she has a tricky history with abortion rights.


There are two other women in the Democratic primary: Ramona Whiteaker, a photographer from Stoughton and Michelle Doolan, a hair salon owner and PTO president from Cross Plains. Whiteaker could not be reached immediately for comment about her stance on abortion. Doolan responded, saying she is “absolutely pro-choice.”

Despite that, she is a far more compelling candidate than most of the rest of the field. She is young, has a business background, and an energetic message. She brightens the rest of the dreary gray Dem field.



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