Hoo boy.

WEST BEND — Joel Ongert officially announced on Monday his candidacy for mayor of West Bend in the April 4 general election.


“I will bring a high level of professionalism to the mayor’s office. Equipped with a business degree from Bradley University and 19 years of experience working at Caterpillar Inc., I am prepared to build upon the city’s strategic plan by prioritizing our hard-earned tax dollars on the most important aspects of our local government: public safety, city infrastructure, economic development and quality of life,” said Ongert in the release.


Previously, Ongert had unofficially announced he was running for mayor in a post on April 26, 2022 on his mayoral campaign Facebook page.


According to the release, Ongert said his desire to run for mayor is a result of his involvement in the West Bend community.

Ongert is probably the early favorite. He will be well-funded, well-organized, and the Left side of West Bend will rally behind him. He’s one of the guys who ran for School Board with this same kind of conservative rhetoric and then governed like a hardened Leftist. He is also just a terrible person who treats constituents who aren’t fawning acolytes like garbage. West Bend has been shifting Left and Ongert’s election would be another step in that direction.