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Andre Jacque Wins Primary


State Rep. André Jacque attributed his win against Alex Renard for the GOP Republican nomination in the 1st SD Tuesday to his “positive campaign” and independent record in the Legislature.

Meanwhile, in the 42nd AD, Jon Plumer, who owns a Lodi karate school, won a four-way GOP primary

Jacque said in a phone interview he’d bring the same strategy he used in the primary to the June 12 general election where he’ll face Dem Caleb Frostman, the former executive director of the Door County Economic Development Corp.

“I expect we’ll certainly see more negativity out there, but we’re going to continue to talk about the things we’ve been able to do,” he said. “I think we have a really strong record of results we’d like to communicate.”

Vos Punishes Colleague

This is unacceptable.

Republican State Representative Andre Jacque tells Media Trackers that he has been stripped of his Assembly committee chairmanships by Speaker Robin Vos as punishment for holding a hearing on prevailing wage reform legislation in the Labor Committee this past legislative session. A news release issued by Vos’ office Wednesday afternoon showed that Jacque was the only committee chair not to retain a chairmanship for the next session. Jacque is the only non-freshmen member without a committee chairmanship. Jacque told Media Trackers Vos made no secret of the reason why:

Repealing prevailing wage was, and is, overwhelmingly supported by the Republican base. Vos did not want any repeal in the last session and fought it all the way. That’s why the repeal that was eventually passed was watered down to not include state projects. Vos doesn’t support repeal for the same reason he’s been passionately advocating for a gas tax increase – he’s in the pocket of the Road Builders Lobby.

Assembly Hearing Scheduled for Repeal of Prevailing Wage

Bader’s reporting was right.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin state Assembly committee has scheduled a public hearing and vote Wednesday on a bill to repeal the prevailing wage.

I heard the committee chairman, Andre Jacque, on the radio this morning talking about it. He indicated that he called the hearing without the approval of Speaker Vos. So the leadership is still trying to kill this, but the conservatives in the caucus are rebelling.

Major kudos to Jacque and the conservative caucus. Let’s get this done!




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