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0940, 05 Jun 24

Biden’s Idiotic Faux Border Order

Any thinking person can see the sham this is. 

The measure takes effect immediately because the new policy is triggered when arrests for illegal entry reach 2,500. About 4,000 people already are entering the U.S. each day. It was a major policy shift on a critical election-year issue that’s exposed Biden to Republican criticism over an unprecedented surge in new arrivals in an election year.

First, Biden has been saying for years that he is unable to do anything at the border without congressional action. Then he pops up this week and does something via executive order. He lies because it is his nature.

Second, if we can close te border after 2,500, then why cant we do it at zero? Why do we just have to allow over 900,000 illegal aliens into our nation every year before we lift a finger? Why must Americans and American taxpayers take on the burden of supporting these people when we are already so, so broke?

Biden is intentionally destroying our country by throwing open our borders to allow in the refuse of the world. This is just a head fake during an election year to bamboozle the stupid.


0940, 05 June 2024


  1. MjM

    Yeah! Closing the border only after 912,500 new “migrants” per year!

    Oh, but wait!

    This only includes “…. noncitizens who cross the Southern border into the United States unlawfully”.

    Red Commies flowing down from the North? No problem, Jack.

    Oopsie. It also does not include unaccompanied kids. KidSniffer Joey just loves child trafficking.

    Nor does it include Babblin’ Joe’s 20-30,000 per month direct fly in of “migrants”.

    And if you got the app, Jack, you can be one of another 1500 released per day.

  2. Tuerqas

    Oh all liberals are not stupid, they are just well trained. Dems want a lax army, but they want their minions to vote and believe in lock step…and they are good little soldiers.

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