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1927, 23 Jan 21

Disappointed in Biden

We’re disappointed too, Justin

Upon taking office on Wednesday, Biden rescinded a permit for the pipeline via executive order, blocking completion of the project started almost a decade ago.


Trudeau had previously said it was ‘an important project for us,’ citing continental energy security and jobs, and reacted with disappointment Friday over its cancellation.


‘The prime minister raised Canada’s disappointment with the United States’ decision on the Keystone XL pipeline,’ Trudeau’s office said in its statement, but added that the prime minister emphasized the ‘important economic and energy security benefits of our bilateral energy relationship.’


1927, 23 January 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Even Canadian socialists are laughing at how stupid American leftists are.

  2. Mar

    Maybe Little Boy Justin now regrets all the crap he gave President Trump.
    Now he has to deal with someone who can barely read notes and has limited thinking

  3. Merlin

    Poor Justin discovers he’s still not among the first tier lefty elite.

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