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1935, 23 Jan 21

Biden’s First Approval Rating

Yikes. I expect that come Congress Critters are looking at that too.

In Rasmussen Reports’ first Presidential Daily Tracking Poll of likely voters, the new Democratic president starts at 48% approving and 45% disapproving.


Notably, he is underwater with women (46% approve, 48% disapprove) and whites (43% approve, 51% disapprove).


Rasmussen’s daily survey number is an average of the last three days.


By comparison, Biden’s approval is ho-hum compared to former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, said the polling data.


Trump opened with a 56% approval rating. Just 44% disapproved. It was one of his highest ratings of his four years.


Obama started at 67% approval, 32% disapprove, which is also one of his highest ratings.


1935, 23 January 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Looks like he stole election after all.

  2. Mar

    It’s telling that Randall, Jonny, Maxwell and the sociopath will not defend Senile Joe and his policies.
    Maybe they now realize that Senile Joe is not a bumbling moderate but instead a bumbling moderate who is being led around by his nose by the liberal wing of the Democrat party.

  3. Mar

    Regarding the poll numbers, what do you expect when you have a president who has to have his diaper changed 5 times a day and has to be hand fed Gerber oatmeal for his meals.
    President Harris is just counting the days till she takes office.

  4. Merlin

    How can 80 million voters lose the love that fast?

  5. MHMaley

    Rasmussen is the one poll that Republicans love to quote .

    The majority of the other polls show a 66% approval rating for Biden’s policies so far .

    I believe they also showed Biden led in Wisconsin , Michigan , PA , Georgia and Arizona on the day before the election .

    How did that work out for the cult members ?

  6. dad29

    The “cult” here is the Hate Trump Cult.

    All the cool kids belong. Just ask Maley.

  7. Mar

    Pat, are you talking ABC polling that said Senile Joe would win by 12 points over President Trump?
    Yeah, that would make them credible.

  8. Pat


    And you predicted a Trump victory even after he lost the election.

  9. Jason

    >And you predicted a Trump victory even after he lost the election.

    I can’t believe I have to say this to a supposed intelligent person…

    1) That doesn’t refute his point.
    2) You predicted a Hillary victory for 2016. So whatever you think your stupid statement might refute, it’s on you as well.

  10. Pat

    “You predicted a Hillary victory for 2016. So whatever you think your stupid statement might refute, it’s on you as well.”

    Can you produce evidence of that?

  11. Mar

    “And you predicted a Trump victory even after he lost the election.”
    Show me where I said that it are just another lying a-hole.
    I actually never said that. Voter fraud, yes, but not enough to turn the election.
    So, show me where I said that.

  12. Tuerqas

    Aaah, yeah, about Pat’s study…According to the study notes: It polled 504 people (or about 10 per state). Those people are broken into 8 categories, then further divided into 29 sub-categories. So if done to represent all the States the model represents 5 females (per state) divided with one from each age bracket (plus one), one per race group listed (plus one). 1.66 will be educated in the same group, 2.5 of them will be metro, one of the 6 incomes will not be represented, and among the 5 they must split into Party IDs of Dem, Rep, Ind or ‘something else’ (Of course it is much more likely that several states had zero representation). To have one person in every variety of category you would need to poll 18,432 people Methinks they have split this a little too much to have any accuracy over those categories, but maybe that is just me.

    Now I can certainly imagine not having every combination of any specific demographic group in a poll covered, but not polling enough people to make it possible? It will not be an accurate poll. And personally, I would argue that 504 people across even a much, much smaller number of categories would not be an accurate poll for getting a national picture on just about any topic.
    So go ahead libs, say the Rasmussen poll has a conservative bias, I think it does too. But to take a lib biased poll (or in Pat;s case so ridiculously small a sample that bias doesn’t even get to enter the equation)), is just as foolhardy. By percentage in Pat’s study, Indies will be 6 people in that poll. To say 82% favor mask wearing means 5 out of 6 Indies said yes, mask wearing was a good idea. Ha!!! is what I say to the accuracy of that.

  13. Mar

    Lying Pat is back.
    What a bitch.
    Lies about a person and refuses to apologize.
    What a dumb bitch.

  14. Jason

    Much better Pat, 904 people polled. lol, based on the low standards you have historically set, this is quite impressive for you.

  15. Mar

    A week or so before the 2020 presidential election, the Harris poll showed Senile Joe winning by 8 points.
    Yep, another reliable poll put out by liberals.

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