Boy Thanks Police

What a sweet story. This kid is everything that’s right with America.

A 7-year-old boy’s letter supporting the Conroe Police Department prompted a visit to his home from the police chief himself.

David Jimenez wanted to show his appreciation to Conroe police officers who show up in his neighborhood to calm conflicts.

“If the police don’t come, what would happen? There would be more problems. When the police come, everything calms down,” David told his mom, Silvia Martinez, and she told The Courier.

Reflecting a second-grader’s earnestness and writing proficiency, the short handwritten letter expressed David’s appreciation to all the work the force does.


David’s parents moved from Mexico 12 years ago. His father Sergio Jimenez, 43, works at a lumber company in New Waverly and Martinez, 44, is a housekeeper. One of her employers, Patt McCuistion, 68, has been instrumental in David’s upbringing.

5 Responses to Boy Thanks Police

  1. Kevin Scheunemann says:


    Nord, this boy did something good, right?

    (The opposite of your lack of thanks toward officers in Kenosha… )

  2. Le Roi du Nord says:

    He certainly did, k.

    And there is certainly no excuse for you inability to read, let alone comprehend. Seek help, avoid further embarrassment.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann says:


    So you thank Kenosha,officers in same thankful way this boy demonstrated?

    Just say it.

    Don’t lie about saying it. That makes you awful.

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  5. Kevin Scheunemann says:


    Are you willing to thank Kenosha police like this boy?

    Or is this innocent child more openly thankful for law enforcement than you?

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