Xbox Financing Options

If you are financing your game console, you suck at personal finance. You are paying $840 for a $500 piece of technology for purely entertainment purposes. The fact that this option will be so popular is a window into America’s inability and unwillingness to control government spending and debt.

The high-end Xbox Series X will cost $499 while the entry-level Xbox Series S will cost $299. Microsoft will also offer a financing plan that allows customers to pay for either console over 24 months.The Xbox Series S costs $24.99 per month on that plan while the Xbox Series X will cost $34.99 per month.

Microsoft said the financing plans also include access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play, which allows you to download or stream more than 100 games to Xbox or PC. It will also include Microsoft’s new mobile streaming services that lets you stream from the cloud to an Android phone. You’ll have to buy a Game Pass subscription plan separately, which starts at $9.99 per month, if you don’t finance.

28 Responses to Xbox Financing Options

  1. jjf says:

    How many guns can you use at one time?

  2. Owen Owen says:

    Two. Maybe three. What’s your point?

  3. jjf says:

    Do you own more than two guns?  Did you buy them for entertainment purposes?  How much did they cost?  How much do you spend on ammo for practice?  Cash or credit?

    People put all sorts of things on credit cards, too at 15 to 20% interest.  People also spend more than $800 on a desktop or laptop.  They’re probably spending $60+ a month on Internets to make it all go, too.

    On their own, Ultimate is $15 a month, EA Play is $5 a month.  You think these gamers won’t do the math?  You think they aren’t getting full enjoyment out of it?

    How many times has the WisGOP cheerfully opposed any restrictions on payday lenders?

  4. Owen Owen says:

    As usual, you are missing the point. It’s not a matter of the accumulation of stuff – even non-essential or entertainment stuff. The point is not the appropriateness of paying for entertainment. The point is that it is stupid to finance your entertainment.

  5. Merlin says:

    So… don’t finance your sex robot?

  6. Jason says:

    Damn jjf, I almost feel sorry for you with this complete lack of understanding you’re displaying.

  7. jjf says:

    Ultimate is $15 a month, EA Play is $5 a month,Game Pass is $10 a month.  You get all that for “free” if you “finance.”  You think most Xbox users aren’t paying for subscriptions and DLC on top of that?  You’re chuckling at an industry that’s, oh, north of $150 billion a year worldwide?

    Hint:  It’s not really financing, it’s marketing.  It’s locking you into their subscriptions and platform for 24 months…  which many people do cheerfully anyway.


  8. Le Roi du Nord says:

    I would like to see anyone, Owen included, effectively use two, maybe three guns at one time. I have shot with, trained with, and competed with some really good shooters, so I’d like see someone actually do that.

  9. Owen Owen says:

    He didn’t ask “effectively” lol. I figure a pistol in each hand and a rifle on my back to hang my hat on. I’d be “using” all three! Or something…

  10. Le Roi du Nord says:

    No, I did. But anything other than effectively is a waste of ammo. I’ll wait for the demonstration.

  11. jjf says:

    Step up, Jason, tell us how much gaming you do and what it costs.

  12. Kevin Scheunemann says:

    After reading these comments, its no wonder liberal run governments are a disaster every time.

    Liberals can’t recognize stupidity because they are off on some irrelevant Red Herring, like a dog chasing cars.

  13. Le Roi du Nord says:

    Wrong, k. It is folks like you that can’t recognize stupidity. Examples: British airports in the 1770’s, WW II ending in 1917, windmills cause cancer, 6000 YO earth, ya da, ya da……

  14. Kevin Scheunemann says:


    More Red Herrings?

    Thanks for reinforcing my point.

  15. dad29 says:

    Ah, the REMF clerk-typist for game wardens at DNR now advises that he’s a tourney-level shooter!

    Has nothing to do with financing play-time (the topic), but Jiffy who apparently was speedballing, managed to un-track the post.

    Well.  Two can play that game.
    PeePad and KneePad 2020!!

  16. Le Roi du Nord says:

    Wrongo, dud, in many ways.

    k, what are you babbling about?

  17. Mike says:

    Next up, Nike offers financing for their shoes.

  18. jjf says:

    See, Le Roi, Dad29’s all about the Decorum and Seriousness and Civil Behavior.

    And the Bullying!  Takes every detail he knows about you, tries to turn it into personal ridicule.

    See, if you were the one who’d said he could handle even two pistols at once, Dad29 would ridicule that idea and suggest chances were extremely slim you could control both effectively.  He’d have all sorts of anecdotes from the range and his gun training.  But not this time!  He’s going to call you names instead.

  19. jjf says:

    Mike, you think no one offers financing on shoes?


  20. Jason says:

    >See, if you were the one who’d said he could handle even two pistols at once, Dad29 would ridicule that idea and suggest chances were extremely slim you could control both effectively. 

    You mean like saying Owen can’t prove what he said he said?  Ironic that you’re focused on Dad when you’re doing exactly what you complain he does.

  21. Jason says:

    >Mike, you think no one offers financing on shoes?

    Don’t look now Foust, but in attempting to denigrate Mike’s post, you actually just reinforced Owen’s.   Whoops, you’ve said too much, now bring up being bullied and doxxed so you can feel sorry for yourself.

  22. jjf says:

    Mind-reading Jason!  Give him a word or two, and he’ll tell you what’s in the rest of your thoughts!  And then insult you for them, using whatever details he knows about you.  But he can’t decipher his own intentions.

    But let’s get back to the issue at hand.  If someone takes the $35 a month deal for an Xbox bundle, are they getting a bad deal?

    And this is a window into “America’s inability and unwillingness to control government spending and debt?”  Why hiss at Microsoft’s offer while cheering Foxconn?

  23. penquin says:

    Free market capitalism – working as intended

  24. Jason says:

    > Why hiss at Microsoft’s offer while cheering Foxconn?


    Do you have any proof that I cheered Foxconn?  Show it.

  25. Mar says:

    My questions are: Do you have to be approved for financing?
    What happens if you get the equipment and stop paying? Will they repossess it or can the owner take it to the local pawn shop and pawn it for a few bucks?

  26. jjf says:

    Jason, I was speaking to the crowd.  It’s not all about you.  If you think Foxconn was a bad idea, good for you.  Tell me what you think.

  27. dad29 says:

    Dad29 would ridicule that idea and suggest chances were extremely slim you could control both effectively.  He’d have all sorts of anecdotes from the range and his gun training.

    Speaking of “mind-reading”–another demo from Jiffy of his Omniscience!!  Who needs evidence, proof, truth, all that stuff?  We have Jiffy/Carnac!!!

  28. jjf says:

    Jump in, Dad29.  You put a pistol in each?

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