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1209, 12 Jun 20

Woke West Bend Graduates Push for Social Justice Agenda in District

This is apparently the educational outcome of the West Bend School District.

1. Make a statement regarding WBSD’s stance on current events regarding police brutality, systemic racism, and social justice.

2. Enhance and increase funding for counseling, youth programming, rehabilitative programs to replace outdated disciplinary action. Counselors or workers in these positions need to be required to complete anti-racism training.

3. Remove police liaisons from schools.

4. Establish new department or committee within Pupil Services devoted to Diversity, Inclusion, and Equitable Education.

5. Require anti-racism training and professional development for faculty: administrators, educators, aides, etc.
a. This should come from professional educators of color, with emphasis on Black educators.

6. Have a DAI representative at School Board Meetings as an accountability measure and to ensure decisions made are genuinely for the benefit and working towards “Excellence for All.”

7. Restructure social studies curriculums and mandate lessons on privilege, oppression, and systemic racism. Decolonize education by establishing ethnic studies requirements and incorporating Black
History into curriculums.

8. Establish a committee and funding for hiring and retaining Black educators.
a. Black counselors are also necessary in schools.

9. Inviting external Black educators to advise WBSD faculty in a professional development or mandatory training capacity.

10. Set community guidelines on what qualifies as hate speech and educate students on why it is considered hate speech.


1209, 12 June 2020


  1. dad29

    That shouldn’t cost more than $250K/year, Owen.  Kwitcherbitchin’

  2. Mark Hoefert

    3. Remove police liaisons from schools.

    Will have to run that one up the flagpole at the local parent’s Facebook page to see who salutes that concept. I have a gut feeling that Open Enrollment and Choice Vouchers would gain traction with less police in the schools. Talk about throwing the baby (Public Education) out with the bathwater.

    Something else to ponder, would be that the Board & WBSD ensure that they do not create systemic opportunities for racism when they establish attendance boundaries for individual schools and plan facility locations.  Comparing demographics at the elementary level there are numerous disparities.  The district student body is 2.4% African American.  Decorah school is the highest of the elementary schools at 3.9%; Jackson is the lowest at .3%.  (Fair Park 2.4%; Greentree 2.4%; McLane 3%).  This is driven by the make up of the housing stock in each individual school attendance area – price range of homes, apartments, affordable rental units, etc.

    It is hard to get exact numbers since that last census was 2010, so figures that come up are adjusted.  City of West Bend shows 1% to 1.7% African American. Village of Jackson shows 0% to .5% African American.  The impetus for proposing a new school in Jackson is because of the growth that community has been attracting.  The School Board tried to make a case that Jackson property values are such that they account for a larger proportional share of the tax levy. Part of that was accomplished by using the attendance area, which incorporated million dollar lake properties closer to the adjoining school district than to Jackson.  I doubt that the tract homes being developed in Jackson and the million dollar homes on the lake are affordable to most African American families seeking public school opportunities.  Anyway, the whole process certainly smelled like white privilege.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Sounds like a case to voucher every kid up and abolish the school district to me.

  4. Mar

    Well, it is 4 people who just have grown up yet. Young and and dumb.

  5. jjf

    Kevin, you must hate all the non-religious kids who don’t want to be forced to attend religious voucher schools.

  6. Mar

    You do know, jjf, there are non-religious schools out there, both in building, on-line and home school.
    But at least they would have a better chance at succeeding at a private school than a public school. But you just do not want to give these kids a US Supreme Court approved education, especially little Brown and Black kids.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    Yeah. Kids hearing something other the gospel of godless secular hedonism would be a real tragedy….

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